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Mango and fruit in a bowl

But for the Love of Mango

Author: be well™ with Big Y® Registered Dietitian Team

There are good reasons mangos are the number one fruit choice worldwide. Enjoyed alone, in sweet, savory or smoothie recipes and in fresh, frozen or dried form, mangos are as versatile as they are nutritious and delicious.

With vibrant shades of red, yellow and green, the hues of mangos beckon a vision of summer. Bursting with velvety, sweet and sour flavor, their nutrition is impressive with one cup mango providing over 20 vitamins and minerals for 100 calories.

Is Color the Best Way to Choose a Mango?

Different color Mangos

When selecting the perfect mango, know that color is not a predictor of ripeness. Skin color of mangoes will vary based on the variety. For example, you may see six different varieties of mangos come to harvest throughout the year: Honey, Francis, Haden, Keitt, Kent, Tommy Atkins and Palmer. Be adventurous and try them all! Like apples, each variety tastes slightly different than the others.

When a Mango Is Ripe

Ripe Mango

To tell if a mango is ready to eat, give it a gentle squeeze. Like avocados, ripe mangos will give slightly. If still firm, ripen at room temperature over the course of a few days or speed up the process by placing mangoes in a paper bag at room temperature. Once ready to enjoy, mangoes can be held in the refrigerator for several days.

Secrets for Slicing a Mango

Sliced Mangoes

To prepare, rinse mangos and pat dry. Stand the stem-end down and hold the fruit in place. Carefully cut down either side so you're left with two oblong rounds of mango “cheeks” and the mango seed. Discard the seed and then gently slice or cube the flesh of the fruit within the rounds, without going all the way through to the skin. Carefully scoop the fruit with a spoon, leaving the skin remaining intact.

Get Mango-Inspired

Woman with mango

What to do next is up to you! Snack on slices as is or with a sprinkle of salt, lime juice or chili powder for a tasty twist. Make a salsa or chutney to pair with tortilla chips. Use as is, or slightly heated, as a topping for grilled salmon or white-flesh fish. Get crafty and blend it into a refreshing Agua Fresca or smoothie.

Whatever you’re craving, get mango-liscious inspiration with the recipes below.



Great tasting, nutritious
twist on cake pops

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This colorful salsa brings
just enough sweet heat.

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Make up a big batch for
your summer celebrations.

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Mango Almond Yams



This irresistible dish is
sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

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Mango Yogurt Cone



A favorite
sweet treat.

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A super delicious side dish
the whole family will love.

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Published 4/10/2023