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Apple Pie

Award Winning Lyman Orchards Pies

Each pie is handcrafted with the finest ingredients from an eighth-generation old family recipe from Lyman Orchards in Middlefield, CT. 


Gourmet Cookies - Melt in Your Mouth

Each cookie is baked fresh, crispy on the outside and soft-and-chewy on the inside. Zero grams trans fat, no hydrogenated oils, no artificial colors or flavors, no preservatives, and made with unbleached flour.


Snowflake Rolls - Perfect for Every Meal

Made from scratch, these light, fluffy rolls are perfect to pile high in a basket and pass around your holiday table or spread with butter and serve alongside a warm, hearty family dinner.

European Layer Cake

European Layer Cake - Decadence

These elegant and delicious cakes make a delectable centerpiece for any dessert table. 

Signature Collection

Skilled Cake Decorators

Our World Class Cake Decorators are willing and ready to design your perfect cake for any special occasion. From Photo Cakes to Specialty Cakes, we are sure to have something that fits every occasion!


Sliced Cheese

World Classics Trading Co.
Slicing Cheese

Made with real milk and cream, all cheeses carry the “Real Dairy” logo. Sliced fresh to order.


Locally Made Fresh Mozzarella

Handcrafted the old-world Italian way. Soft, smooth & creamy texture, perfect for melting, salads or snacking. Locally made in Providence, RI.

Potato Salad

Just Like Mom’s Salads

Mom’s “secret recipes” with water boiling, peelers scraping & a symphony of chopping & cutting makes for
great salad sides. Choose from potato, egg & potato or macaroni salad or cole slaw.
No high fructose corn sugar. Served fresh.


World Classics Trading Co.
Deli Meats

Superior quality & flavor, we guarantee no gluten, no binders, no MSG, no fillers, no soy and no artificial ingredients, flavors or colors. We have lower sodium and heart healthy choices, all items at least 95% fat free. Sliced fresh to order. Not available in all stores.

Signature Collection

Our Skilled Cheese Merchants

Our trained Cheese Merchants are here to help you make the perfect selections for any occasion - even a la carte cheese and charcuterie boards.



Hand Tossed Store Made Pizza - Taste Pizzeria Perfection

Our dough is made fresh daily, hand-tossed and topped with our authentic Italian sauce, your choice of the freshest, finest toppings. Each pizza made-to-order, 


Rotisserie Chicken Noodle Soup - Even Better Than Mom’s

Tender chunks of our own savory rotisserie chicken, vegetables and the heartiest stock you’ve ever tasted. 

pot pie

Rotisserie Chicken Pot Pie - The Heartiest

Our pot pie is made with our succulent rotisserie chicken, vegetables and a golden-brown crust. It’s simply the finest around! Ready to take home, to bake and serve or we’ll heat it for you. 6-inch individual or 9-inch family size to serve 4 to 5.


Fresh, Made-to-Order Subs

Satisfy every craving with made-to-order subs on white, wheat, or French baguette bread. Choose from a wide variety of fresh meats, cheeses, veggies and your favorite condiments.




Cherries - The Biggest Around

We buy only the biggest, sweetest cherries available from the world's best cherry growers.


Driscoll’s Strawberries - Sweet, Ripe

The Finest Berries in the World! These berries are specifically selected to meet out unrivaled standards for flavor, appearance and size.


Grapes - Our Grapes are a Burst of Goodness

The Biggest and Sweetest Grapes, grown from Premium Vineyards throughout California.


Skilled Florists

Our florists create arrangements that include all of your favorites, to brighten up any holiday or any given Tuesday, too. Corsages, Boutonnieres or Balloon Bouquets, we’ve got you covered for any occasion. If you’re a gardener, stop here first for plants, soil, mulch and gardening tips!

FlowersBig Y Handpicked Flowers

Big Y flowers are responsibly grown! Look for the Rainforest Alliance Certified™ seal. RainforestThis seal stands for a better future for people and nature.



Ground Beef - The Freshest

Still ground fresh daily in our stores daily, premier quality steakhouse ground beef. All of our ground beef comes from Midwest raised cattle. Product of the USA.


Full Circle Market Angus Beef

ChooseFull Circle Market Angus Beef for a premier steakhouse dining experience. USDA Choice Midwestern Angus Cattle. No antibiotics or growth hormones EVER. Product of the USA. Our packaged beef stays fresh longer and is freezer ready.


Organic Smart Chicken®

Vegetable fed with no artificial ingredients or growth stimulants. Free from antibiotics (ABF) and animal by-products. Organic Smart Chicken® is certified organic. This certification means, you can feel good about purchasing this wholesome, organic product for your family.

Signature Collection

Sam the Butcher

Your Big Y Butcher Shop has something no other grocer can claim to have...we have Sam! Sam the Butcher® is a skilled, trained butcher who is happy to cut your special order, give you tips to prepare your meal and recipes for every occasion.

Knife Sharpening

We will sharpen your knives for FREE!


Fresh Fish

Fresh Fish

6 Deliveries a week, ensuring the freshest, high quality seafood harvested using sustainable methods.

Fresh Fish

Big Y Naked Seafood

Certified sustainable and naturally delicious! Naked shrimp meets the highest global standards for seafood safety and responsible aquaculture. There are no antibiotics, phosphates or preservatives, so all you get is shrimp with just a sprinkle of sea salt!

Fish & Chips

Fish & Chips - One Bite & You’re Hooked

Our double-batter-dipped fish & chips are a true New England favorite. Prepared fresh daily, using fresh Haddock and cooked inb zero-trans-fat canola oil, the double batter creates a crispy crust while keeping the Haddock fillet moist and delicious. We also offer double-battered scallops, shrimp and clams.


Sushi - Fresh, Expertly Made

Our sushi is made fresh daily by trained and certified sushi chefs. Choose from California Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll, Salmon Roll and more, as well as our variety of Poke Bowls! We can also customize sushi platters for your special occasion!

Signature Collection


Living Well Eating Smart Dietitians

As Big Y’s Wellness Team of registered dietitians, we’re here to provide you with tools through our nutrition program,
Living Well Eating Smart.