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We love to support our Local Partners and help them thrive in our stores AND in our community! This got us thinking... A lot of local businesses have a great story to tell our customers, and we decided to help them tell it!

Our be well wtih Big Y® wellness team of registered dietitians, Carrie Taylor and Andrea Luttrell, along with our Product Buyers, are hitting the road to visit some of our amazing local partners. Join them as they experience first-hand what goes into making some of our favorite products. From learning how a beekeeper gets his honey, to harvesting cranberries in a cranberry bog, our dietitian team is learning a lot when they dive behind-the-scenes...and so can you! Tag along with them on their #BigYLocalLove adventures below!

This Week's Featured Big Y Local Love Video

Thomas Farm - Sunderland, MA

Want to know how goat chèvre is produced? Watch as Big Y Registered Dietitians, Carrie and Andrea, and Big Y Cheese Buyer, Matt, visit our local partner, Thomas Farm in Sunderland, MA, to see how only two farmers work to produce delicious goat chèvre from their entire goat herd... believe us you don't want to miss out on seeing the adorable baby goats!

Mountain Dairy - Mansfield, CT

Join us as we visit Mountain Dairy in Mansfield, CT to learn all about dairy cows and what it takes to get this local partner's fresh milk to our stores!

Centerville Pies - Centerville, MA

Join us as we visit Centerville Pie Co. in Centerville, MA to learn all about how "The Pie Ladies" became a pie sensation with the help of a famous fan! Big Y Registered Dietitians, Carrie and Andrea, and Big Y Pie Buyer, Bill, were able to be part of this process from beginning to end!

Harmony Springs - Ludlow, MA

This local partner makes their soda with a "not-so-secret" ingredient, but it does make it special! Watch to find out what it is that sets this local soda company apart from the rest.

Bigelow Tea - Fairfield, CT

Bigelow Tea is a family-owned business with a great story to tell! Learn how "Constant Comment" became the tea of the times and lead the way for specialty tea across America. Will Carrie, Andrea and Big Y Tea Buyer, Joe, learn the secret recipe? Watch and find out!

Cecarelli Farms - Northford, CT

Cecarelli Farms in Northford, CT provides Big Y locations in Connecticut with fresh, local corn all summer long! Find out what it takes to get it to our stores and learn what "type" of corn eater you are!

Parnella Naturals - Sunderland, MA

Join us as we visit Parnella Naturals in Sunderland, MA to learn what “saponify” means and how certified pure essential oils and pure olive oil have made this soap company a local favorite. Big Y Registered Dietitians, Carrie and Andrea, and Big Y Soap Buyer, Scott were able to be part of this process from beginning to end!

Black Birch Vineyard - Hatfield, MA

Do you know what a wine thief is? Our local partner, Black Birch Vineyard, teaches Big Y Registered Dietitians, Carrie and Andrea, and Table & Vine wine buyer, Michael, how a wine thief is used and how to best determine when a wine is ready to be bottled. Hint: it includes lots of tasting!

Millie's - Chicopee, MA

Do you know the right way to pinch a pierogi? We do now! Join us as we visit Millie's Pierogi in Chicopee, MA to learn that art of pierogi making...and see if we are any good at it!

Taza Chocolate - Somerville, MA

What gives local partner, Taza Chocolate, that bold, intense flavor that customers love? Big Y Registered Dietitians Carrie and Andrea, and Big Y Candy Buyer Mike find out when they visit this local partner in Somerville, MA.

Sun Coffee Roasters - Plainville, CT

Sun Coffee Roasters got their start in 2005 because of an invoice from 1947. How is that possible? Watch to find out and so many more great facts about this local coffee partner!

Interested in becoming a Local Partner or have a suggestion for us? Let us know here