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Endless Flavor: Cooking with Tea

Taking the usual to unique one bag at a time.

From Earl Grey in your cupcake, spiced chai in your holiday cranberries, lemon ginger in chicken soup and mint in your brownies, let tea and tea tinctures (herbal tea) inspire more than that warm mug of yum.

Sure, teas are a great way to stay hydrated with a plant-powered punch for your health but they’re also mini packets of flavor that can enhance an array of recipes. In fact, they easily become the secret ingredient to favorite dishes because the possibilities are endless.

The key to cooking with tea is to concentrate their flavors further than you usually brew for drinking. To do this, use a high ratio of tea bags to liquid. For example, when adding a warm, seasonal undertone to cranberry sauce, adding 5 bags of spiced chai tea bags to the simple syrup turns this side dish into a quick holiday standout.

Thinking big can take you far when cooking with tea. From baked goods and stews to dressings and sauces, traditional teas and herbal teas inspire creativity and culinary exploration. Need a little inspiration? Get started with one of the delicious recipes below!

Chai Spiced Orange Cranberry Sauce



Thick and

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A perfect
fall-inspired dessert.

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