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Local Food and Products from Massachusetts & Connecticut


Blue Seal

Blue Seal

Blue Seal

From Chicopee, MA

Blue Seal has manufactured tasty, tempting and tantalizing meats since 1920. In 1931, the company incorporated and became Chicopee Provisions, offering USDA inspected meats with minimal preservatives.

Hummel Bros

Hummel Bros

Hummel Bros.

From New Haven, CT

In 1920, Robert and William Hummel left their family in Hals, Germany to find a better life in the United States. In 1933, they borrowed money to buy a sausage company with the belief that if they made the highest-quality products; few if any would be able to make them better. Hummel Bros. is approaching its 80th year in the business of making the highest quality frankfurters & meat products available in the marketplace.



From Chelsea, MA

At Kayem, they know the importance of quality time. They do everything possible to make their products the best. With over a 100-year commitment to excellence, they still use butcher-quality meats. It doesn't just have to meet their standards — they have to meet yours. That's the Kayem difference.

Try These Delicious Recipes


A savory warm dish with
sweet peas and smoky sausage.


Smoky sausage with creamy rice and garnished with bright green onions.


Fresh vegetables, smoked sausage and tender shrimp coated a umami-forward sauce.

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More Brands from Big Y's Love for Local


Narragansett Creamery

From Narragansett, RI

This family-owned company makes cheese every day because they care about freshness. They use local milk, kind bacteria, vegetable based rennet, salt and nothing else.

whip city

Whip City

From Westfield, MA

Whip City Jerky is a local, USDA inspected meat processor dedicated to making the best beef jerky you've ever had. Led by Tony Neuser, Chief Jerky Officer, Whip City Jerky's brand has expanded across the region focusing on their quality, freshly made, premium beef jerky. Whip City Jerky combines amazing flavors and a chip-like texture for a delicious, high protein snack option for your family.
Available in Maple, Ragin' Buffalo or Mesquite.

Little Leaf

Little Leaf Farms

From Devens, MA

Owners Paul Sellow and Tim Cuniff developed Little Leaf lettuce in 2015. They have been a Big Y partner for over 7 years delivering the highest-quality leaf lettuce. Deliveries are made 4 times a week ensuring only the freshest lettuce for our customers. Little Leaf is hydroponically, hands-free grown.

Blue Seal

Ooma Tesoro's

From Windsor, MA

Ooma Tesoro's business started in 2009, in Michael and Robin's kitchen in Windsor, MA. Before that, it started in Michael's Grandmother Ooma's kitchen in Brooklyn, NY...but before THAT, the recipe goes all the way back to Avellino, Italy - generations before.

Headquartered in North Adams, Massachusetts, Ooma Tesoro's Marinara is still made by hand, exactly the same way it began! Try it yourself and you'll taste the difference.

Dere Street Bakery

From Danbury, CT

The bakery was founded in 2004 at home, baking scones and shortbreads for small bakeries. They make flavourful and all natural products, incorporating exotic ingredients and bountiful fruits from the Northwest and Northeast coasts of the US and herbs and spices from around the world. Dere Street’s success is taken from the early Romans… hard work, an untamable spirit, quality and pride.

Vermont Creamery

Vermont Creamery

From Websterville, VT

Vermont Creamery has crafted delicious dairy, made from high quality ingredients while supporting their farms, people and their community.