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Grounding Through the Holidays

Author: be well™ with Big Y® Registered Dietitian Team

Take time to be present during the holiday season by observing the winter solstice.

Registered dietitian and Kripalu yoga teacher, Carrie Taylor, discusses the benefits of grounding through the holidays.

The winter solstice will be here on December 21, giving us the shortest day of sunlight for the year—marking the beginning of more light in the days ahead.

If celebrating the winter solstice hasn’t been part of your seasonal traditions, or if it has been a while, you’re invited to appreciate all that the day has to offer. Take a moment to be present and reflect with one of the activities below.

Gentle Yoga by Candlelight

If you’re feeling an unsettledness or disconnection between your body, mind and soul, a bout of gentle yoga immersed in candlelight may be a powerful way of reminding you who you are and how sweet this life is.

Not a yogi? You need not be. Take a moment to stretch different parts of your body, gently and slowly. Or simply sit in reflection with your gaze lowered or eyes closed. Add quiet music and candlelight and you may find it soul-nourishing enough to turn into a regular routine.

Snowy Walk in the Woods

Celebrating the light that is bestowed upon you during the winter solstice is just as important as being immersed in the darkness. Suit up in layers and boots and take yourself outside for a quiet stroll. Listen to the sounds of winter birds sharing your presence with the rest of the forest. If you’re quiet enough, you may just spot a few four-legged friends, too.

Journal About It

Bringing thoughts to paper gives you an outlet to write feelings out of you. Look back and reflect on all that has changed since the last winter solstice. Did you ever think your life would be where it is now? What are you grateful for? What are you still mourning or hurting from? What isn’t working anymore—can you change it? Imagine the trails you’re about to travel—are you ready?

However you usher in the winter season, treat this time to be present as a gift for appreciating the darkness while knowing the light is ahead.

Merry memories and wishes of good health for you and your loved ones.

Published 12/13/2021; Reviewed 12/1/2022