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Local‍/‍Fresh: Locally Grown, Locally Great

We have proudly partnered with local farms for our fruits and vegetables since the very beginning, often with growers who have been family-owned for generations, just like us. With some of the country’s richest, most fertile farmland right in our backyard, we’re fortunate to be surrounded by such bounty‍—‍and to take advantage of that with some of the finest fruits and veggies you’ll find anywhere.

Little Leaf Farms

Devens, MA

Their vision is simple: a locally grown salad that’s available all year round. And they delivered! Thanks to the efforts of all their team, we now have the freshest, best‍-‍tasting greens—including green leaf, spring mix and red/green mix in‍—‍all of New England delivered to our stores within 24 hours of picking.



There is nothing small
about this salad.

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Plainville Farm

Hadley, MA

The Czajkowski family takes the quality and perfection of their crops very seriously. Run by a third‍-‍generation farming family, Plainville Farm has been an innovative part of the local agricultural community since 1914, growing high‍-‍quality produce, including cucumbers, peppers, eggplant and winter squashes. Find these and many more at your local Big Y.



Stunning looks.
Beautiful taste.

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Learn how butternut squash, grown in the summer by Plainville Farm can still be shipped to Big Y stores all winter long!
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Belltown Hill Orchards

South Glastonbury, CT

One of the oldest (and largest) farms in South Glastonbury, Belltown Hill Orchards has been run by the Preli family from the start. You can find a wide variety of their delicious apples‍—‍McIntosh, Macoun, Empire and Cortland, as well as peaches, nectarines and Bartlett pears at your local Big Y.



How do you like
them apple fritters?

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Here is a behind‍-‍the‍-‍scenes look at Belltown Hill Orchards.
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Davidian's Farm Market

Northborough, MA

Davidian’s Farm Market is a family‍-‍owned market in the business of bringing in‍-‍season local fruits and vegetables to their customers. They opened their doors more than 100 years ago and they grow a variety of produce like tomatoes, peppers, greens, fruits and herbs just to name a few.



The stuff delicious
dreams are made of.

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Meadowbrook Farm

East Longmeadow, MA

John Burney, the founder of Meadowbrook Farm, has partnered with us since the early 1980s. What began as a part‍-‍time investment in selling local strawberries has evolved into a flourishing 175‍-‍acre farm. Sweet summer corn, red ripe tomatoes, crisp cabbage, summer melons and juicy strawberries are some of this family‍-‍owned farm’s specialties.



Tortilla Chips’
better half.

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Here is a look at the amazing corn we carry from our local partner, Meadowbrook Farms.
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Gilbertie's Herb Garden

Easton, CT

Gilbertie’s name is synonymous with the highest quality herbs and vegetables. They grow the finest herbs and vegetables, always in soil and always certified organic with no chemicals and no hydroponics. Each spring, they plant hundreds of varieties of herbs and vegetables to meet the demand of their customers.



If this was a movie in Spanish,
the subtitles would say “yummy”.

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