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Honoring Your Lenten Traditions

The sacrifice is real, but no-meat Fridays don’t necessarily have to feel like it—especially when you’re preparing a delicious meal. They are so hearty and satisfying, in fact, you might even find yourself keeping these robust meals on your menu once Lent is over.



A fresh take
 on a classic.

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 during Lent.

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It’s easy and packed
 with beaucoup flavor.

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Be a Part of the Seafood Supper Club



We're proud to have Chef Andrew from North Coast Seafoods partner with us to host a series of cooking videos to help you become your own Master Chef. Learn his hacks and tips on a wide variety of recipes and cooking techniques, from the oven to the grill. You can't miss it.

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Let’s Get Cooking 101: Fresh & Flavorful Fish

Living Well Eating Smart
Virtual Event
March 24
6:00 – 7:00 PM



Gain confidence in the kitchen while learning new cooking techniques and skills. During this session, we’ll prepare family-friendly Fish Street Tacos together.

Presented By: Sue Mazrolle, MS, RDN

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The Best Fish Fry!



Are you craving fried seafood, but you don't have time to cook? Don't worry. The Big Y seafood department has the best fish and chips—ever. Choose from fresh wild-caught, skinless haddock fillets, shrimp, bay or sea scallops, clam strips and more. All are made to order 7 days a week and prepared with canola oil with zero grams trans fats. Pick a side of onion rings or French fries. Take one bite, and you're hooked!


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