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Reset & Refresh Your Kitchen

12 ways to get your kitchen organized for the year ahead

Kitchens are the true hearts of the home. Whether it’s for an after school snack or a holiday feast, organizing your kitchen will make it a special room that truly works for you. Get your prep space reset and refreshed for success with these 12 tips!

1. Strategize your workspace.

Intentionally designating a certain space in your kitchen to be your workspace will help keep clutter away from where you cook. A great workspace should be minimal steps away from your sink, stove and refrigerator for efficient kitchen prep.


2. Store trash bags at the bottom of the bin.

Store extra bags at the bottom of your trash bin so you can refresh your stinkiest spot in no time.


3. Hang up foil and parchment paper.

Save space in your cabinets and store kitchen wrap, like aluminum foil and plastic wrap, the same way as paper towels. Use hooks and a dowel so rolls can hang and be pulled off quickly when needed.


4. Use a lazy Susan on countertops and in cupboards.

Eliminate accidental spills when reaching for less used ingredients by using a lazy Susan. Less spills means more time cooking and less time cleaning.


5. Try risers for cluttered cabinets.

So many stresses in the kitchen can be avoided if you’re able to see all of your favorite ingredients. Either use a store-bought set of risers or small shoe boxes to give height to the ingredients in the back of your cabinets.


6. Use the sides of your cabinets.

Often overlooked, these spots can be a great place to put extra hanging storage. Mount hooks to store pans or utensils out of the way.


7. Use tension rods everywhere.

There’s seemingly no limit to where tension rods can save you space. From making an extra shelf for spices, to being a great way to divide and organize pan lids horizontally, these adjustable space dividers make any space more functional.


8. Create some magnet magic.

Mason jars and magnets can be a match made in heaven. Use them to affix jars to the bottom of cupboards. All you'll need to do is spin off lids to get to the contents inside- all the while freeing up space in cupboards and drawers.


9. Create designated spaces with binder clips.

Simply label the edge of binder clips and then clip to appropriate shelves. This hack makes it easy for your whole family to keep food in the same spot and your shelves organized.


10. Put dish racks where you need them.

Sure, dish racks work great to help you dry dishes, but they can also be a great way to store in small spaces. Save space and store plates or lids horizontally on one side of your cupboards. No more noisy searching, everything will be lined up waiting for you.


11. Minimize the space between cleaning and storage.

Create dish storage near your dishwasher to eliminate emptying time after clean cycles. Reorganize the kitchen to use the closest cupboards and get time back!


12. Streamline your kitchen.

Go through and decide how many mugs, plates, utensils and kitchen gadgets you typically use and donate the rest. De-cluttering is a great way to feel more efficient when cooking.