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Flex Your Meal Plan

Yes, a plant-based way of eating may sound terrific, but not all of us can simply live without bacon or chicken wings. What to do? Welcome to a Flexitarian meal plan – a lifestyle that offers flexibility, encouraging you to eat more plants and less meat.

Eating the Flexitarian way is one solution to embrace a sustainable approach for the planet and your wallet, without getting rid of animal-based foods you love the most.



The zoodles
are here to stay.

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Hosting a Flexitarian Dinner Party?

Tips and tricks you can follow to host a Flexitarian dinner party.

Meat is not the star of the show.

That doesn’t mean you can’t have it as part of the menu, but it shouldn’t be the focal point.

Convert your traditional dishes.

There are simple swaps that don’t compromise taste. Dairy to non-dairy can be easy in some recipes when you swap milk to almond milk or soy milk. Or swap butter for coconut oil. 

Let your guests know beforehand.

This seems obvious but it goes without saying. Talking to your guests to double-check the meal plan will alleviate any surprises and let them feel a part of it. They will greatly appreciate the thought.

Don’t forget the dessert.

There are plenty of plant-based options that substitute for dairy ingredients and are an ease to make.