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The Offerings of Winter

Author: be well™ with Big Y® Registered Dietitian Team

Winter in New England, especially this year, can be rather unpredictable. One week we’re breaking records for the coldest wind chills and the following, we’re enjoying balmy afternoons reminiscent of spring. That said, when the typical weather of the season is upon us, our region can feel like living in a winter wonderland snow globe.

Since the cold, gray days of winter are only here for a few weeks, lean into all Mother Nature has to offer. Whether you take a stroll through snow-kissed trees or strap on skis for a downhill thrill, help melt the chill of your wintry adventures away with warm blankets, booming fireplaces and soothing recipes.

The Secret to Enjoying New England Winters

If you’re one of many who steer clear of not only going outside in the middle of winter, but staying outdoors to enjoy the beauty of fallen snow, this tip’s for you! Investing in high-quality thermal layers and wind-blocking pants and jackets is the quintessential difference between enjoying playing in the snow and cringing at the thought. Newer products made of soft wool blends with less bulk may very well turn your view of the entire season on its head.


Favorite Must-Do Winter Activities

Taking a stroll along a tree-lined path during the winter can provide some of the sweetest moments in nature. The winter canvas all around you provides quiet and a blanket of snow to help soothe an overstimulated mind.

More strenuous activities like snowshoeing, skiing, ice skating and hiking help to bring your heart rate and body temperature up, a perfect combination of meeting fitness goals while keeping you warm. If you haven’t tried an activity, do! Find local hiking groups and facilities, like the Pioneer Valley Hiking Club and The Trustees, to tap into your adventurous side. Many locations offer the space and tools to explore, like cross country skis and snowshoes.


Favorite Must-Have Winter Warm Ups

Coming back inside after a day of winter adventuring calls for a calculated, intentional warm-up routine. Whether you’re a natural log burner, hit that ol’ button on the gas insert, snuggle under an electric blanket or jump into a soothing sauna or steam shower, relish in return to a warm abode. What’s a wintery warm up without a delicious, velvety, soothing warm meal? This season’s where it's at for soups, stews and brews.


Favorite Must-Have Winter Recipes

Between a bowl of steaming hot soup, a plate full of piping hot roast or simply a mug full of your favorite hot beverage, give an extra nod to the hearty dishes of the winter season with a few of our favorites below.


Vegetable Soup



A whole lot of veggies
in just one bowl.

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 Pot Roast



Warm, cozy, comfort worth
gathering the family around.

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Deep Sleep Tonic



Sweet dreams ahead with
this warm beverage.

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Published 2/20/2023