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Get Comfy this Fall

Author: be well™ with Big Y® Registered Dietitian Team

There is something refreshing about waking up to the crisp, cool weather of autumn mornings. Whether it’s simply a shift from what has been, or a preference for sweater weather, the change of season is an excellent reminder to remain present while incorporating a daily practice of gratitude. Remaining present is especially significant in the fall season, given the lead by Mother Nature during this time with the end of one cycle so that rest may happen and new life may bloom come spring.

Take comfort in the weeks ahead for all the cooler weather has to offer as well as the great indoors. Here are our favorite ways for getting comfy this fall.

Warming the Hearth: Autumn Cooking

Cool days make eating hot foods a must for warming the heart and hearth. Cooking up offerings of the local harvest is an exceptional (and tasty!) way to stay present. Grateful are tummies for soups packed with hardy kale, baked butternut squash headlining as a premier side dish and roasts garnished with onions, garlic and potatoes. Stepping away from the days cook-free meals can truly be a welcomed treat, especially for the wafting smells throughout a warming home. 

Celebrate Fluctuating Weather: The Gift of Last-Minute Outdoor Play

Yesterday was cold and rainy but today? Today offers sunshine and a warm breeze invitation to get outside. What are you to do? Accept the invite! Get excited about the sprinkling of warmer days that autumn has to offer by enjoying impromptu outdoor play. Being able to get your heart pumping with a hike after work to a mountain overlook, and experience the beautiful watercolors of the changing of leaves, is an awe-inspiring benefit of being a New Englander. Say yes to as many opportunities as nature provides, to reach weekly physical activity goals!

Coming Together: Indoor Time Enjoyed Intentionally

Bringing friends and family together begins to become more indoor-centric as the days get closer to the winter solstice and sunsets bear cooler temperatures. As you find yourself reaching for more warming cuddle time as a way to bond and create memories, get creative and stay active. From board games to seasonal crafts like carving pumpkins and decorating your home for the holidays, there’s no reason inside time has to equate to more screen time. Though, family movie night can be a great way to reconnect with one another, too!

Shorter Days, Longer Nights: Opportunities for You Time

As nighttime arrives earlier and earlier as the season progresses, do your part to combat the impact it may have on your energy and mood. Whether it’s beginning a new workout routine immediately after work so you have an activity to look forward to or starting your day in quiet reflection as you jot down one thing your grateful for as you begin the day, the time to make self-care a priority is now. Embrace the invitation more darkness provides, knowing you’ll stand grounded in your own strength during the holiday season to come. 

Published 10/16/2023