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Galentine’s Day:
The Power of Friend’s Love

Author: be well™ with Big Y® Registered Dietitian Team

Just celebrating Valentine's Day when there's romance in the air is so yesterday. Everyone trying to sell the hype and speaking only to couples should really be a thing of the past. What about the people in your life you can trust to support you, offer a shoulder to cry on and simply hold space for you whenever life gets hard? This year, celebrate the holiday of love with those who show their love for you through thick and thin every day of the year — your friends.

What is Galentine’s Day?

A day to shower your female friends, or “gals,” in love, appreciation and attention is typically what most people think of when they hear the term Galentine’s Day. But, it may be due time to update this precedent and acknowledge that the day is simply a way to show love to any or all of your friends, regardless of gender identification. How about “Pal-entine’s Day,” anyone? 😊

Often slated for February 13th, Galentine’s Day can surely be celebrated any day you want. Yes, even on Valentine’s Day! It’s your day to share the love, no rules apply.

How to Celebrate Galentine’s Day.

Show your friends extra love: The canvas is blank and you are the painter. You can keep the celebration simple and give each other cards or you can lean into making it a holiday to remember with a weekend friend trip. Whatever you decide, you and your friends will no doubt be basking in the warm and fuzzy feels of one another’s friendship.

Here are a few ideas to pique your curiosity:

Have a Meal

Whether it’s breakfast, brunch, lunch, linner, dinner or dessert, breaking bread is a special way to spend time with friends you may not get to see on the regular. Going out to your favorite restaurant may fit the bill, but so can cooking together in the comfort of one of your homes. Staying put for lingering conversation without worries about the amount of laughter you end up having, or how long you spend bouncing around from one topic to the next, staying home may prove a perfect destination.

Make it Spa-riffic

How often do you check out of your busy schedule to sit back and relax? Take Galentine’s Day as an invitation to opt for the splendor of relaxation and sign up for a collective “you” day. Whether you go as a group for services like a pedicure and massage at a local spa, a day away at a wellness retreat center, or create your own adventure with a hike on one of your favorite trails followed up with a meditation class from a local yogi, unplug and make the time about being present with one another.

Exchange Gifts

When it comes to expressing your love, many speak in the language of gift giving. That said, gifts can take on their own definition, depending on your friend group. 

Get Wordy - The gift of a letter filled with heartfelt words, reflections and sentiments about what you love and appreciate most about your friend can mean so much more than anything bought. 

Get Fabulous with Flowers - Bestowing bouquets of one another’s favorite flowers is a beautiful gift that will continue to remind friends how special they are to you in the days ahead. 

Make it a Sweet Treat - From chocolates and cake to ice cream and candy, the indulgence in something sweet with friends can make for a delicious time of sharing.

Tap Into Crafty Creativity - Cutting out and pasting homemade Valentine’s Day cards together doesn’t have to stay in your childhood. Coming together with glitter, construction paper, markers and glue is a fun way to create new memories while catching up with a nod to nostalgia.

If this is your first Galentine’s Day, or you’re well-seasoned in the mark of Cupid’s Arrow in your friend group, remember this is a time for celebrating the love you feel for the people in your life that make your heart smile on a regular basis. Whatever you choose—keep it small or make an absolute must-attend blow-out party — everyone will surely enjoy being showered in celebration for just being who they are. In the end, isn’t that the best way to celebrate a holiday about love?

Happy Galentine’s (or Pal-entine’s) Day! ❤️

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Published 2/08/2024