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Help! It’s the Holidays! Quick fixes for big‍-‍meal mishaps

With the frenzy of preparations leading into any big holiday feast, chances are, you may find yourself with a food‍-‍related mishap. So, when Murphy’s Law rears its ugly head right before dinner is to be served, you need solutions that work, and you need them fast. Don’t fret! We’ve got fixes for a few of the most common holiday meal misfortunes.

It’s the morning of and the turkey is still frozen!

You’re in great shape: Veggies are chopped, stuffing is cubed, cranberries are sauced and pies are baked. Unfortunately, you forgot something fairly major: the turkey. The good news: You can safely thaw that turkey fairly quickly in a sink full of cold water—it should only take 20 to 30 minutes per pound. Keep the turkey in its wrapper and cover it completely with water; be sure to completely drain and refill the sink every half hour to keep bacteria at bay.


The dressing is too dry‍…or too mushy!

Believe it or not, there is a singular solution to these opposite problems: bake your dressing for a little while longer. If your dressing is too dry, mix in some warm chicken broth first, then cook for a while to let the moisture work its magic. If your dressing is too mushy or gummy, uncover it and bake until some of that extra liquid evaporates, mixing it up a few times to keep the texture more uniform.


The mashed potatoes are too thin!

Fortunately, there are a few different fixes for mashed potatoes that have crossed the line from “creamy” to “soupy.” If they’re only a touch too runny, just continue cooking them on the stovetop, stirring frequently; the additional cooking time will help evaporate the extra liquid. Adding a binding ingredient like Parmesan or cream cheese will also help, and will add a new level of flavor as a bonus.