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Mother’s Day for Kids: Gifts from Mom

Author: be well™ with Big Y® Registered Dietitian Team

Flipping the script this holiday to keep the sweet feelings lasting all year long.

During Mother’s Day, we tend to focus on things we can do for Mom. And rightly so—Mother’s Day is THE day to celebrate the women in your life you consider Mom.

What if Moms got to choose how the day unfolded versus the other way around? For example, what if all the Moms out there were given the support needed to focus the day on celebrating themselves as well as the love and connections they have with the ones they adore most? It may look a bit different.

Whether your little one is teeny tiny or full grown with kiddos of their own, here are a few ways to emphasize the roles you and they play in your health and happiness today and every day.



But First, You

Taking care of yourself first may feel like an oxymoron for showing up as a Mom, but the opposite is true. When you let your mental and physical health fall behind the ones you care for, you’re not helping anyone. Practicing self-care is one of the best ways to show your children love. When Mommy’s well-rested, feeling great and happy, everyone knows it.

Start your days with a quiet walk in the woods, time in silence drinking morning tea or grounding with a session of gentle stretching. Whatever will make you feel connected with yourself at the start of each day, do it. Connecting with yourself first will enable you to be better available to your family during the day.



Gifts of Gratitude

Although Mother’s Day may be spent receiving words of thanks for all you do, turn the table and give the gift of gratitude to those you love most. Sharing what you appreciate most about your children and partner, their traits that give you pause and achievements that fill your heart with pride provide insight into the love you have for them. Giving the gift of gratitude also emboldens deeper feelings of connection—a powerful tool to have during hard moments of parenting.


Family Self-Care

What your family does together every day, versus just on Mother’s Day, has the greatest impact on your legacy. Modeling that your family’s health is a daily priority is another fantastic way to teach your children what love looks like.

Commit as a family to becoming more active, eating healthier and learning more tools to manage the stressors of the day. Help your children grow into adults with habits of being physically active each day, building meals and snacks rich in colors from fruits and vegetables and understanding the importance of being mindful and self-aware so they blossom to their greatest potential—Which really is the greatest gift any Mom could ask for, right?


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Published 5/2/2022, Reviewed 4/1/2023