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The Beef Brisket

The Mount Everest of grilled meats-makes it sound difficult to take on. Delicious and versatile, but one wrong move and it comes out like shoe leather AND the box it came in. At least that's what they say.

The truth is, making a bark-covered, fall-apart slab of delicious brisket is deceptively easy. Buy the right cut and follow the right recipe and you'll have reached peak grilling. Lucky for you we have a great starter recipe below for you to follow. Enjoy!



Win the BBQ with this dish.

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  • Make sure you order the right cut for the grill. When you visit the Big Y Butcher Shop, ask for the flat cut, with a ¼‍-‍ to ½‍-‍inch layer of fat on top.

  • Remember that while your brisket is slowly cooking, it will shrink up to 50%! You'll want a cut that is a lot larger than what you would have otherwise guessed. Think ¼‍-‍½ pound per person, then double it.

  • More questions? Just ask your Big Y Butcher.