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Seafood Department

Fillets, steaks, shellfish and sushi... Whether you like your fish seasoned and grilled or battered and deep fried, start here at Big Y. If you're looking for the Freshest Sushi and Sushi Chefs with experience, knowledge and skills, you need to check out our Sushi. Low in fat, high in protein and so much flavor…it's the best. Our Fish and Chips, Oysters, and Sustainable Seafood are not just Lenten items. If you haven't been to our Seafood Department lately, you haven't seen a fish market worth of selection.

Take the Night Off!

Let us help you spend more time enjoying dinner... and less time preparing it.


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Big Y Wild Caught Gulf Shrimp

100% Wild Caught
100% Product of the USA
100% Sustainable

  • Naturally Sweet
  • Firm Bite
  • Adds Incredible Flavor to Any Recipe

Gufl Shirmp

Big Y Naked Shrimp

Nothing But Shrimp

  • No Preservatives
  • No Phosphates
  • No Antibiotics
  • Premium Quality
  • Chef's Choice

Naked Shrimp are raised in outdoor ponds within the Bay of Bengal. All of our Naked Shrimp are certified by the Global Aquaculture Alliance (Best Aquaculture Practices - or BAP) as 4-Star BAP, which means the hatchery, feed mill, farms and processing facility have all been audited and certified as complying with these standards.

Naked Shirmp

Ready. Chef. Go!

Try Some of Your Favorite Fresh Meals Ready for You to Cook in Microwave & Oven Safe Cooking Bags!

It's the Best Way to Cook Delicious Meals in Minutes!

Seafood, Vegetables, Meat, Poultry
Amazing Results in Microwave or Oven, Cooks Right in the Bag! No Mess, No Fuss! Packed Fresh in Store
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Sushi on Tray

Fresh Sushi

Hand rolled and prepared fresh daily, Sushi is naturally low in fat, high in protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals.

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Plate of Fried Fish & French Fries

Fish & Chips & Other Fare Menu

Cooked Fresh to Order, 7 Days a Week, Made with Fresh Wild Caught, Skinless Haddock Fillets, Cooked in zero trans fat oil. View a Video about our Fish & Chips!

Salmon Fillet with Lemon

Sustainable Seafood

Big Y and our Local Suppliers join to bring you the best seafood for your family in the best way possible for the environment.

Greenhead Lobster Tails

Greenhead Lobster (Stonington, Maine)

Call or stop in to pick up premium, fresh caught Greenhead Lobsters from Stonington, Maine! We steam for free!

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