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Seafood Department

Quick, convenient and delicious, shrimp is a great ingredient to use in so many meals! From shrimp cocktail to shrimp scampi, skewers on the grill to stir fry, all kinds of flavors work well with shrimp!

Try These Sensational Shrimp Recipes, Perfect for Your Shrimply the Best Feast!

Shrimp Cocktail

Shrimp Cocktail
Seafood Supper Club Recipe

A classic seafood dish, perfect for any occasion.

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Shrimp Scampi

Naked Shrimp Scampi
Seafood Supper Club Recipe

Quick and eas,y with a delicious buttery garlic white wine sauce.

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Shrimp Skewers
Seafood Supper Club Recipe

Perfect, delicious shrimp on the grill.

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Shrimp Stir Fry

Naked Shrimp Stir Fry
Seafood Supper Club Recipe

This easy, delicious Naked Shrimp Stir Fry meal will quickly become a family favorite!

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Fresh Seafood Delivered to Your Local Big Y 6 Days a week,
from our partners at North Coast Seafoods, based in Boston, MA!

Big Y is committed to supporting local fishermen, local seafood farming and responsible fisheries.

What is Sustainable Seafood?

Simply put – Sustainable Seafood means seafood that is caught, farmed or harvested using environmentally harmonious and socially responsible methods that jeopardize neither the health of our oceans nor the stability of the species in question. Both Wild Caught and Farmed seafood can be sustainable and are each essential to ensuring continued seafood availability for future generations.

Our partner, North Coast Seafoods, regularly evaluates our impact and looks for new ways to make further improvements to our overall sustainability.

To learn more about our commitment to sustainability, click here.

Take the Night Off!

Let us help you spend more time enjoying dinner... and less time preparing it.


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Latin Sushi

New! Latin Fusion Sushi

Bursting with flavor, our Mango con Chile Roll consists of spicy imitation crab salad, buttery avocado, and the slight creamy tanginess of cream cheese, rolled inside seaweed and sushi rice. Topped with fresh mango slices and sesame seeds, then drizzled with sweet mango sauce and a sprinkle of Tajin seasoning for a bite full of sweet and tangy goodness.

Also... Try our Chile Serrano Roll, Arroz Picante Roll and Spicy Tiger Shrimp Dumplings!

Try our Fresh Sushi on the Go, Hand-Rolled and Prepared Daily!

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Ocean-Raised Salmon

From our Partner, North Coast Seafoods, sourced from the Isle of Skye in Scotland, these certified organic salmon are sustainably farmed and harvested in the wild. The icy cold waters of Scotland provide excellent natural conditions for ocean-raised Salmon. Click Here to Learn More about this local partner.


Organic Seafood

We have partnered with our distributor, North Coast Seafoods, to bring you the best tasting organic options available from sea to plate. Click here to learn more.

Haddock Fillet

Catch Of the Week

Explore local fish, straight off the boat and delivered fresh to your Big Y. Reel in these specially-priced small catches, while supplies last.

Seafood Supper Club with Chef Andrew

Our Chef from North Coast Seafood will be hosting a series of cooking instructions! You will see a wide variety of recipe and cooking techniques from the oven to the grill and more.

Look for the recipe of the week's ingredients in our Facebook Events, so you can prepare to cook along with Chef Andrew on select Wednesdays at 6 pm!

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Try these delicious seafood recipes from the Big Y Dig In Magazine!