Our Trained Experts

At Big Y, we take pride in providing our customers with the highest level of service and expertise. We have a team of trained experts who specialize in different areas of the store to ensure that you have the best shopping experience possible.

Our Trained Florists

Our florists design customizable flower arrangements that include all of your favorites for your special occasion that you won’t find anywhere else!



Meet Keyla! As an assistant floral sales manager, she works tirelessly to make her customers smile every day. When customers work with Keyla, they’ll get just what they need, all in a comfortable environment. She stays at Big Y because it feels like a second family and she loves being a role model. When other women come to Big Y, it’s Keyla who inspires them to grow within the company and reach any position they desire.

“As a woman, mother and wife, I am extremely proud to be a part of the Big Y family and have the opportunity to service our customers.”



Introducing Cici, another assistant floral sales manager. She’s been with Big Y for the last 5 years. When Cici works with customers, she ensures each custom arrangement comes from the heart. Beyond just her reach with customers, she is also a valuable asset to the Big Y family. According to Cici, Big Y truly values her knowledge and experience and knows that her opinions and ideas will be heard.

“I love serving my community! Between all of the town’s school events, dances and customers’ events, it makes me feel great to be indirectly part of their big day!”



Meet Deb, the Assistant Floral Manager in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, as she shares her insights from over 34 years with Big Y. She has watched the Big Y Floral Department grow leaps & bounds with our selections and quality. As we hear feedback from our customers, suggestions are welcomed by the Store Support Center’s buying team to bring our customers what they desire.

“I can honestly say I would not choose to be a part of any other floral business. I enjoy it so much and feel it is a true extension of who I really am inside.”

Our Trained Bakers

They start early every morning to bring you the freshest baked goods. From your morning muffin to a freshly baked bread for dinner. We even fry your donuts fresh daily!

Our Trained Cake Decorators

Our world class cake decorators are trained and ready to design your perfect cake for every special occasion. From custom sheet cakes to specialty cakes, we are sure to have something to fit every occasion!

Lori Decorator



Naugatuck, CT

“I love being able to help customers bring their ideas/visions to life.”

Darah Decorator



Norwich, CT

“I absolutely love seeing a happy and satisfied customer when picking up a cake order. ”

Yelitza Decorator



East Longmeadow, MA

“I love being able to demonstrate my talent and passion, and make customers happy. ”

Our Trained Cheese Merchants

Our trained cheese merchants are in every location to help you make the perfect choice of specialty cheese. Let their expertise guide you on a journey around the world of cheese. Our cheese merchants are here to help you make the perfect selection for any occasion, charcuterie board or ingredient in your new favorite recipe.

Kyle Deli



Southwick, MA

“I love helping people get what they need and discover new products.”




Chicopee, MA

“I like learning and sharing new knowledge about cheese, especially local items.”




Wilbraham, MA

“We take the time to choose only the best quality and variety for our customers. ”

Our Trained Butchers

Our Butchers are Trained & Trusted to Serve You Best.
Visit our trained & trusted butchers for advice on the best cuts of meat for your recipe. Choosing the right cut will inspire you to create your culinary masterpiece.

We will sharpen your knives for FREE!

Ethan Butcher



Kingston, MA

“It all starts with the perfect cut … we have them all right here.”

Kamar Butcher



Wilbraham, MA

“Hand selected, trimmed and tied beef tenderloin … the classic.”



Cheshire, CT

“This is the roast your family has waited for all year.”

Eli Butcher



Rocky Hill, CT

“I'll trim your rack of lamb perfectly.”

Let our butchers guide you to your new favorite recipe.

Our Trained Seafood Experts

Our Big Y team prides itself on having the freshest food available, and our seafood department is no exception. Whether it’s a fresh catch for dinner or a pre‍-‍seasoned party‍-‍ready appetizer, our seafood department delivers. Better yet? Our seafood associates will do it with a smile. Let’s hear from some of Big Y’s own fish fanatics.



Meet Anita! Anita is an assistant seafood manager in Lee, Massachusetts. She fully believes in the Big Y mission & vision of providing more than just great ingredients to customers. She has over 40 years of experience in customer and food service. If you catch her in store, she’ll be sure to share her Sole Francese recipe and offer great tips on grilling.

“I love that we are more than just a grocery store, but a company that looks out for our fellow employees and community.”



Say hello to Christopher! Christopher works as an assistant seafood manager in Clinton, Connecticut. When he’s not sharing seafood tips, he’s spending time fishing. Christopher has over 20 years of experience in fish tournaments. His best tip? Keep your seafood dish simple with just salt, pepper, oil and butter.

“My favorite part of working in the Seafood Department is helping and getting to know the customers, putting smiles on their faces and having them return to the store happy.”



Meet Lauren! Lauren is an assistant seafood manager in Springfield, Massachusetts. She’s been at Big Y since 2005 and loves how close she feels to her customers and coworkers. She’s also learned a lot about seafood in her time with Big Y. Her seafood suggestion? Some crushed crackers and butter makes a great topping for a simple white fish.

“I love the family atmosphere.”



You can meet Steve at his store in Worcester, Massachusetts, where he works as an assistant seafood manager. He started with Big Y as a service clerk in 2005 and has worked his way up through nearly every department. He loves the family feel of his store and pays it forward to create a welcoming environment for his customers. His best seafood tip? Leave the skin on salmon while cooking to make it extra moist.

“My favorite part about working here is creating a welcoming environment to new customers.”



If you’re looking for great seafood tips in North Haven, Connecticut, you may run into Michael. He’s an assistant seafood manager there. Michael has been with Big Y now for 5 years. In his role, he loves talking about uncommon seafood selections. One of his favorite seafood tips? Brushing your fish with mayo before roasting to keep it from drying out.

“I chose to work at Big Y because it seemed like a great place to start a career.”