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Tips From Our Florists

Learn about how to take care of your bouquet, potted plants and selecting the perfect floral arrangement with help from our Floral Experts.

Bouquet Care 

Systemic Lupus

How much water should I use, and how often should I change it?

The vase should be filled halfway up / two-thirds of the way full. The water should be changed every 2-3 days.

Cutaneous Lupus

How far up the rose stem should I trim?

The stem can be trimmed anywhere- whatever height works best for the vase that you're using. The rose stem should be cut at a 45 degree angle with something very sharp.


Should I remove any of the leaves?

Any leaves touching the water should be removed.

Neonatal Lupus

What environment should roses be kept in?

We keep our bouquets in a rose cooler to keep the flowers closed. If you want them to open, keep them in a warmer temperature.


Should my bouquet be exposed to sunlight?

Since a rose bouquet is a cutting from a rose plant, it does not need direct sunlight. They look excellent on your kitchen table!


Should I use the entire flower food packet at once, or split it up?

If your bouquet comes with a floral food packet, you should use the entire packet at once.

Whole Grains

How can I keep my roses alive while I'm traveling?

Water tubes! Water tubes are little tubes of water that help extend the flower's life. Available for an additional charge in our Floral department.

Potted Plant Care

Lean Protein

Watering care for your potted plants.

First, check to make sure if your plant needs water. Place your thumb 1/4 inch into the soil if it is dry, add water. You can either pull the foliage to the side and add water or use a saucer to water from the bottom up. This allows the plant to absorb the water it needs in the space of 3-5 minutes.

Plants like Hydrangeas typically require water every other day and Roses and Mandevilla Plants need water every 3-6 days depending on the season.

Salmon Dinner

What do I feed my potted plants?

A good place to start is with an all-purpose fertilizer. Plants like Roses and Mandevilla plants are very hardy but will certainly benefit from feeding when they are growing.

Infused Water

Pruning and maintenance.

Always check and remove any yellow leaves that fall into the pot before your water or fertilize your plant. To promote new growth deadhead your plant. Simply pinch or cut off the flower stems below the spent flower and just above the first set of healthy leaves. The best time for pruning your plants is late fall.

Dairy Products

Where should I put my potted plant for best results?

Each plant is slightly different but it is important to remember that most plants do not do well in high temperatures. This can cause the foliage to burn and the flowers to wilt. Place your potted plant in a cool location that gets plenty of light.

Caring for your Rose Bouquet and Creating Floral Arrangements

Our easy-to-follow videos will guide you through each step, so you can create your floral arrangements and care for your rose bouquet.

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