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Butcher Shop

Butcher Shop

Take a look at Big Y and you’ll find Sam the Butcher® in every location, and Sam has the very best meats, cuts, recipes and more. Sam serves up All Natural Angus Beef, custom cut to the thickness or weight you need. Sam’s Butcher Shop has Organic Smart Chicken, Fresh Ground Beef, All Natural Pork and American Lamb…and all are Products Born and Raised in the USA. Check out the Big Y Meat Department for all of this, free knife sharpening and more.

Big Picture Beef

Big Picture Beef


All things in our world –soil, plants, animals, water, air –are interdependent.  Everything we do to produce food impacts something else. This is the big picture of which we are a part. Big Picture Beef produces delicious 100% grass-fed beef in a way that benefits the soil, the cattle, the people who eat the meat, the Northeast rural economy, and the local and global environment. Big Picture Beef brings something new to the table: beef with no regrets.   


  1. Local 100% grass-fed beef.  Each package of our meat is traceable to the Northeast farm where the animal was raised.
  2. Healthy, happy animals. Our cattle are out on pasture year round, eating only grass and forage plus some hay in winter –no grain. No growth hormones or antibiotics either.
  3. Consistent quality.
  4. True sustainability Our entire system is environmentally and economically sustainable here in the Northeast United States.

Find out more: https://www.bigpicturebeef.com/about-us

Raw Steak with Sam the Butcher Logo

Sam the Butcher

Your Big Y Butcher Shop has something no other grocer can claim to have...we have Sam! Sam the Butcher® is not just a gimmick. Sam is a skilled, trained butcher who is happy to cut your special order, give you tips to prepare your meal and recipes for every occasion.

All Natural Angus

All Natural Angus beef and Choice Angus beef is known throughout the world for its premium quality and outstanding flavor.

Sliced Cooked Chicken Breast

Organic Smart Chicken

Organic Smart Chicken® is certified organic. This certification means that this chicken is naturally safe and healthy for you and your family.

Burgers on the Grill

Fresh Ground Beef

Still Ground Fresh Throughout the Day! Our ground beef is product from the USA only. We offer several varieties of leanness such as 80% lean, 85%, 90%, 93% and a 90% Natural sirloin.