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living well eating smart natural & organic

We have added a new natural, organic and gluten-free section to our stores!

  • Over 1,000 products
  • Diverse offerings from throughout the store
  • Convenient one-stop-shopping for your gluten-free and organic needs

Items Available In Our Living Well Eating Smart Natural & Organic and Gluten-Free Sections are in the 37 Big Y Locations!

Redd Bar

R.e.d.d - Delicious That Delivers

Superfoods like quinoa, chia, pumpkin seeds and others come together to provide 9-10 grams protein in each 2 ounce bar. Enjoy these as a gluten-free and non -GMO on-the-go snack or post work-out recovery. https://www.reddbar.com

R.e.d.d. Superfood Energy Bar
2 oz, Assorted Varieties

2 for $5

08/02/18 - 09/05/18

Gluten Free Pasta

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