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living well eating smart natural & organic

We have natural, organic and gluten-free section to our stores!

  • Over 1,000 products
  • Diverse offerings from throughout the store
  • Convenient one-stop-shopping for your gluten-free and organic needs

Items Available In Our Living Well Eating Smart Natural & Organic and Gluten-Free Sections are in most Big Y Locations!

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Big Picture Beef

Big Picture Beef


All things in our world –soil, plants, animals, water, air –are interdependent. Everything we do to produce food impacts something else. This is the big picture of which we are a part. Big Picture Beef produces delicious 100% grass-fed beef in a way that benefits the soil, the cattle, the people who eat the meat, the Northeast rural economy, and the local and global environment. Big Picture Beef brings something new to the table: beef with no regrets.


  1. Local 100% grass-fed beef. Each package of our meat is traceable to the Northeast farm where the animal was raised.
  2. Healthy, happy animals. Our cattle are out on pasture year round, eating only grass and forage plus some hay in winter –no grain. No growth hormones or antibiotics either.
  3. Consistent quality.
  4. True sustainability Our entire system is environmentally and economically sustainable here in the Northeast United States.

Find out more: https://www.bigpicturebeef.com/about-us