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Fresh Local New England Oysters

Taste the New England Coast with these locally harvested Oysters from Wellfleet, MA., Duxbury, MA., Scorton Creek, Barnstable, MA., First Encounter, Eastham, MA., and Stonington Farms, Noank, CT.

 Wellfleet Oysters from Wellfleet, MA

Farm Raised

These are plump and hearty New England Oysters with consistent size and shape. Offer a tasty burst of flavor with a heavy salt content and finish with a hint of seaweed. 

 Duxbury Oysters from Duxbury , MA

Farm Raised

They have a deep cup with a pronounced saltiness which is equally balanced by a sharp finish.

Scorton Creek Oysters from Barnstable, MA

Farm Raised

Offer a less salty flavor. Their deep cup allows for easy, clean eating. Great with wine.

First Encounter Oysters from Eastham, MA  

Farm Raised

The meat within this treat is just beginning to plump up for the fall season and will offer oyster lovers indescribable pleasure for months to come throughhout the entire fall season.

Stonington Farms Oysters from Noank, CT

Farm Raised

The meat in these oysters are plump and buttery tasting while sitting full in their hard, thick shell; a normal characteristic of a bottom cultured oyster. The flavor leans toward the sweet side with average salinity followed by a mild celery and metallic finish. 

Pemaquids Oysters from Maine

Farm Raised

Are grown in more brackish waters, their rich satiny texture combined with their less salty, velvet finish is popular with first-timers as well as veteran oyster eaters. the extremely cold waters off Maine's mid-coast ensure plump meats in ever shell.

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