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Whip Those Winter Blahs

Winter tends to be the season when we eat a little more, move a little less and (maybe) gain a few extra pounds. Even though it’s cold and snowy outside, there’s no need to hibernate! There are lots of ways to avoid cabin fever by keeping fit during the winter months. Encourage your family to participate in outdoor activities, so everyone can keep moving, stretch those muscles and get a decent cardio workout. Here are ideas to get your family started with some healthy, cold-weather fun:

Cross-Country Skiing

This winter activity will give your family a great workout with similar benefits as hiking and downhill skiing. As you make your way across the flat, snow-covered ground, you’ll be working the muscle groups in your shoulders, back, chest and legs.


Ice Skating

If your family is into roller-skating or rollerblading in the warmer months, ice skating is the cold-weather counterpart. Gliding around the ice will strengthen leg muscles and improve endurance and balance for the entire family.



Sledding is a much-loved winter activity that gets everyone moving while having fun. Trekking up to the top of a snow-covered hill with a sled in tow and sailing down for a thrilling return to base will put your family’s muscles to good use with a bout of decent cardio as well.



A favorite for kids of all ages, snowboarding is the winter offering for surfers and skateboarders alike. With all the swerving, jumping and maneuvering involved, snowboarding is an excellent strengthening and cardio workout.



If you’re a walker during warmer months, you’ll love snowshoeing! Its increasing popularity is one winter activity you can’t pass up. Since snowshoeing doesn’t require much specialization, it can be perfect for the whole family. Shop around for new and previously used shoes so everyone from baby to grandpa get the right fit.