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All Together Now

Planning a Family Fun Night that Everyone Will Enjoy

Busy schedules can make it more difficult to find quality family time. So, it's important to be proactive about making time to be together. Whether you’re able to schedule a fun night once a week or once a month, regular family time can be an important ritual in your growing children’s lives. The key is to make family fun night a priority and get everyone involved. Get started by shutting off the T.V. and letting the computer lie dormant. Don’t answer the phone and settle in for a night of quality family time these tips:


• Choose a night that works for all. A weeknight might be best, especially if your family includes teenagers.



• Keep it light-hearted. Don’t make family night a time for heavy family discussions or discipline. Make it a fun evening everyone will look forward to week after week.



• Have a different family member pick the activity and menu each week, within set guidelines (budget, location, etc.).



• Treat them right! Kids really enjoy special treats, and you'll be surprised how easy it's nowadays to disguise more healthful options as yummy treats. Crudités with fun dips is one example. One of the best wholesome snacks is popcorn, whole-grain crackers are wonderful, plenty of fruits, and so much more.



• Have a game night. Pick family favorite board games and enjoy a little healthy competition.



• Get crafty. Doing a craft together is a great way to have fun while being creative.



• Stay committed! Make sure family night stays important to everyone. That means occasionally turning down other offers that might conflict.



It may take a little bit of work and commitment, but starting a family night tradition is well worth the effort. You and your family will be rewarded with years of good times and happy memories.