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New England on Tap

The icy ponds are melting and opening day at Fenway Park isn't far off. Which means that another favorite New England treat is on its way—fresh maple syrup. The sap is already flowing, so get ready to sweeten your foods.

If you love maple syrup, you can do more than just pour it on pancakes. Add it to freshly made popcorn. Simply mix with melted butter and drizzle over crunchy popcorn kernels. Include maple syrup in a glaze for chicken, ham or fish or toss with olive oil to coat roasted sweet potato cubes for a little touch of sweetness at family mealtime. No matter how you enjoy it, maple syrup makes everything a little bit sweeter. At Big Y, we are so fortunate to have tasty options from great local partners like:



Blue Heron Farm
Charlemont, MA




North Hadley Sugar Shack
Hadley, MA




Ferrindino Maple
Hampden, MA




Maple Craft Foods
Sandy Hook, CT




Lamothe's Sugar House
Burlington, CT






 meals sorted.

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The secret to Blue Heron Farm's certified organic maple syrup? Kind tending to their land and trees. Blue Heron's sugar maple trees have long produced high-quality syrup with outstanding flavor. Their syrup is made each year thanks to the 4,000 taps they have and boiling sap to perfection in their 5-foot x 14-foot, wood-fired evaporator that was built in 1986.



Want to see how Blue Heron Farms makes their maple syrup? Follow the link below to watch what makes them a #BigYLocalLove. a video of the whole process.
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