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Carrie Taylor & Andrea Luttrell

Living Well Eating Smart® Publications

From adding more colors to meals with fruits and vegetables to incorporating more plant-based protein into recipes, check out what the Living Well Eating Smart Wellness Team has to say in Big Y’s Dig In magazine and past issues of the Living Well Eating Smart newsletter.

Newsletter Cover, Nov

From 2005 until January 2021, Big Y’s registered helped customers like you answer common nutrition questions, learn about specific products on our shelves and integrate such products into delicious recipes with our Living Well Eating Smart newsletter. Although the publication ended in 2020, you can check out the final issues online here!

Dig In Mag Cover, March 2022

Looking for the latest tips and recommendations from the Living Well Eating Smart Wellness Team? Check out the Big Y Dig In magazine in-store and online at BigY.com/DigIn for top ways to live well and eat smart from Big Y’s registered dietitians.