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Family Cooking

It's More Than Food... Join The Family Meals Movement

Getting together around the dinner table and sharing the happenings of the day with meaningful conversation is a great way to end any day. But did you know doing so can have lasting effects on your family? It’s true! Eating consistently as a family impacts the health, well-being and relationships for each family member. Take a peek below to learn how important it is to make family meals a priority.


It’s More Than Food, It’s Togetherness

Children who eat more frequently with their family have stronger family relationships and positive social behaviors.

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Healthy Habits

It’s More Than Food, It’s Healthy Habits

Children who eat family meals at home tend to eat more fruits, vegetables and foods rich in calcium.

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Well Being

It’s More Than Food, It’s Well-Being

Eating frequent meals with family helps to increase a sense of well-being and greater self-esteem.

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It’s More Than Food, It’s Inspiration

Family meals have the power to give you the tools to make mealtime a positive, stress-free experience.

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