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Carrie & Andrea Living Well Eating Smart Team

Weight Management Tips

Proper weight management is essential for overall health. Many diseases and conditions are associated with increased weight gain, as well as chronic “yo-yoing” of weight loss and weight gain. Managing weight takes a conscious effort, though, the benefits are well worth your investment. More than the physical attributes it provides, like decreased blood pressure, total cholesterol and blood sugar, weight management is an essential component for mental well being. Feeling empowered and confident about yourself are just a few of the added bonuses to maintaining your weight. So what are you waiting for? Regardless if you're happy with your current weight, want to gain or lose, healthy weight management is something we all need to strive towards. It helps us maintain a healthy lifestyle, balance food choices and get moving on a daily basis.

Want to Know the Secret to Managing Weight?

There's no secret! That's the secret. The tools to managing weight have always been, and will be, within your disposal:

Sleep + Balanced Nutrition + Daily Physical Activity + Stress Management = Proper Weight Management

Balanced Scales

What is a Healthy Weight?

What is considered healthy for you?

Balanced Scales

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Ensure you stay healthy!

Doctors Scale Close Up

Lose Weight

Lose weight and keep it off.

Scale with Weights & Measuring Tape

Gain Weight

Add more weight to a naturally lean build.