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The task at hand when cooking gluten free, other than finding gluten-free ingredients, is to keep them gluten free.

• When cooking family-style, consider serving naturally gluten-free dishes for the entire household.

• Skip baking with gluten-containing flours, as even inhaling gluten-containing flour can lead to ingestion of gluten byway of nasal passages.

• If cooking entirely gluten free isn’t possible, be sure to keep the gluten-free foods away from their gluten-containing counterparts during preparation, cooking and serving.

• Always wipe down surfaces prior to preparing recipes and meals— utilizing wipes or towels that are clean and have not been in contact with food.

• When washing hands, be sure to dry off with fresh paper towels or towels designated to be handled only with gluten-free food.

• Use fresh measuring cups, spoons, spatulas, bowls, pots and pans when working between gluten-containing recipes and gluten-free recipes— being sure never to “double dip” the measuring utensils between ingredients.

• Serve gluten-free dishes with their own utensils, while keeping them clearly marked and away from their gluten-containing alternatives on tables and buffets.

• Store leftovers in their own containers and mark as gluten free.

• Check storage containers for scratches and blemishes that could harbor gluten from previous use. Opt for glass containers with covers you can ensure stay gluten free, such as new rubber tops and rings for canning jars.