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Appliances & Tools

Pots & Pans

Pay attention to appliances that collect food- whether because of how they’re designed, how hard they are to clean or the type of material they’re made out of.

• Toaster ovens, strainers, sifters, rolling pins, certain styles of can openers, etc. should be replaced and designated as gluten free only.

• When using pots, pans, baking sheets and trays, pay attention to what they’re made of. Cast iron, clay, ceramic and non-stick pans with even the smallest scratches can hold on to microscopic-size residue from gluten- containing food previously cooked in them. Opt for stainless steel and/or replace damaged pans and designate them gluten free.

• Cutting boards with porous surfaces and/or imperfections caused by knife cuts should be replaced and designated gluten free.

• Utensils, plates and bowls made out of bamboo, wood, and those that are rubber or silicone with scratches, should be updated and designated gluten free as well.