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Child Teething

Tips for Teething

If your little one has started teething, you may be wondering how to soothe her – particularly after recent action from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) urged manufacturers to stop producing over-the-counter teething products containing the ingredient benzocaine due to serious risk to infants and children.

In place of these numbing gels and creams, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends these safe and effective methods for soothing baby while teething:

  • Offer plastic, rubber or food-safe silicone teething toys for baby to chew on.
  • Objects that are cool to the touch can provide relief. Try chilled (not frozen) teething rings; a cold, wet washcloth; or if baby has been introduced to solids, serve up chilled foods like applesauce, yogurt, berries or bananas.
  • Using a clean finger, gently massage baby's gums or simply apply light pressure to help soothe discomfort. Baby might also like chewing on your finger for additional pain relief.
  • If baby continues to be distressed, talk to her pediatrician about using acetaminophen (Tylenol) to reduce pain.

While gaining popularity, the Academy advises against the use of Amber Teething Necklaces because they are both strangulation and choking hazards. Additionally, there is little evidence to support reported claims of reducing pain and inflammation during teething. Instead, shop for teething necklaces that Mom can wear for baby to chew on to relieve discomfort or opt for the tried-and-true methods above.