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5 Ways to Do 2021 Like a Boss

It doesn’t have to be as deep as creating a vision board and developing the perfect mantra
(but if you’re super into that, go for it!). This is about small, simple things that can make a big impact on your year.
Here are a few ideas to get you started:


1. Make Time for Me Time

Seems like self-care is a luxury these days, which makes it even more important. It can take many forms: a quiet cup of tea, a few chapters of your favorite book, a mani/pedi, a bath, a 10-mile run—it’s all for you, so it’s all up to you. Make a commitment to yourself and do it!



 2. Lean into Self-Tech

  • A list-keeping/scheduling/reminder app like Todoist can help you be more efficient.
  • As they say, fitness starts with what you eat. Track calories, set goals, log activities with MyFitnessPal
  • Log and improve your sleep quality with Sleep Cycle.  
  • Focus on mindfulness and meditation with Headspace
  • Develop healthier thinking habits by monitoring your mood with Moodnotes.



3. Daily Outreach

Based on the idea of connecting with one different person outside of your close circle each day, create a daily outreach practice of sending a note, picture or even an emoji to a coworker, an old friend, a family member, a neighbor—whomever you choose. Connecting with different people adds different perspectives, curbs loneliness, breaks routine and shows people you care.



4. De-Clutter Your Digital Social Media Life

  • It's the perfect time to do some digital pruning. Unfollow people and pages you haven’t interacted with lately. 
  • Audit the pictures you have on social media and remove those ones you don’t feel like sharing anymore.
  • Cleanse your inboxes by unsubscribing from the websites, newsletters and emails you’ve signed up for over the years. It can be a bit tedious but pays off in the end!


5. Celebrate Anything,
Anytime You Can 

Some people we know keep a bottle of bubbly in the fridge and look for a reason (any reason) to pop it. Others cover the fridge with test scores and junior artwork. Get creative in spreading joy via celebration. Guaranteed your word processing program has a certificate of appreciation template. Give each other high fives, hugs—a standing ovation if you want (even if it’s virtual.) Bottom line, gratitude is good and celebrating the small stuff is a great way to show your gratitude for the ones you love.