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We'll fill your prescriptions
while you shop!

For new prescriptions, refills or transfers -  it's quick and easy at The Big Y Pharmacy!
Just bring in your prescription or container and we will do the rest.

Refills are available through our Automated Refill Service or Refill Online with Big Y Pharmacy.

Talk to our professional pharmacists, they are available to consult with you about your prescriptions, drugs interactions or other medical concerns.

PLUS - Fill all your pet prescriptions at Your Big Y Pharmacy!
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RX Essentials

No Fees, No Sign Up!

NEW $7.50 Pricing on Everyday Meds (Up to a 90 Day Supply)
Low Pricing on Diabetic Supplies
Free Glucose Metere, Lancets & More! Kid's Vitamins and Fluoride! and Prenatal Vitamins!

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Online Prescription Service

Prescription Refill & Status

Place your refill order online and pick it up at your Big Y Pharmacy or check status of current orders.

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Prescription Bottles and Pills

We will recycle your empty prescription Vials

We cannot take back vials that contained the following:

    • Warfarin & Salts (concentration > 0.3%)
    • Epinephrine i.e.: EpiPen, Anaphalaxis kit, Epinephrine (inhalents, injectables or kits)
    • Nicotine & Salts i.e.: Nicotine patches, Habitrol, Nicoderm, Nicorette, Nicotrol

See Pharmacist for details

Frequently Asked Questions for the Pharmacy

Q: All of my prescriptions are at another drug store. How do I transfer them to your pharmacy?

A: It’s easy! Bring your prescription bottles in, or have your doctor send over new prescriptions to us.  From our knowledgeable staff to our current promotions, you can really benefit from switching!

Q: How can I find out which stores have a pharmacy in them?

A: Use our locations page to Find a location by city or state.

Q: How do I refill a prescription online?

A: Simply go to the Big Y Pharmacy links, then click on "Prescriptions" and Choose our Online Prescription Service. The system will tell you whether or not your prescriptions can be filled, when they can be ready for pick-up, or can even let you request to fill them at another Big Y Pharmacy!

Q: I’ve already called in my prescription. How do I know when it’s ready?

A: Follow the links to the Online Big Y Pharmacy Prescription Service then click on "Check Status".

Q: I don’t want to be bothered with requesting my refills every month. Is there a way the pharmacy can fill them automatically?

A: You will benefit from our "Automatic Refills" service. See your friendly Big Y pharmacy staff to sign up – it’s free!