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Big Y Pharmacy Prescriptions Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about our Pharmacy Prescriptions, Online Prescription Re-ordering, or the Big Y Pharmacy app? This is a good place to start.


Q: Who do I contact to report issues with the Big Y Pharmacy App or Online Prescription re-order?
A: Please reach out to your local Big Y pharmacist for assistance with any Big Y Pharmacy App or Online Prescription related issues, or questions.

Frequently Asked Questions for the Pharmacy

Q: All of my prescriptions are at another drug store. How do I transfer them to your pharmacy?
A: It's easy! Bring your prescription bottles in, or have your doctor send over new prescriptions to us. From our knowledgeable staff to our current promotions, you can really benefit from switching!

Q: How can I find out which stores have a pharmacy in them?
A: Use our locations page to Find a location by city or state.

Q: I've already called in my prescription. How do I know when it's ready?
A: Follow the links to the Online Big Y Pharmacy Prescription Service then click on "Check Status".

Q: I don't want to be bothered with requesting my refills every month. Is there a way the pharmacy can fill them automatically?
A: You will benefit from our "Automatic Refills" service. See your friendly Big Y pharmacy staff to sign up – it's free!

About Our Mobile App and Online Ordering

Q: Where can I get the Big Y Pharmacy mobile app?
A: Download from the App Stores:

Google Store Big Y Pharmacy App on the App Store

Q: What is the Big Y Pharmacy mobile app?
A: Big Y's official pharmacy app for prescription refills & statuses

Q: What can I do with the Big Y Pharmacy mobile app?
A: Save time with the Big Y Pharmacy app which provides an easy and convenient way to order your prescription refills and check statuses. Refills and status checks can be performed without account registration. If you choose to register for an account, you may set a home store, see our store locations on the map, and define your notification preferences, view and refill prescriptions from your medication list, and keep track of important health information.

Q: Do I need an account?
A: No, you can submit refills and get statuses without creating an account. If you would like to set your notification preferences, get messages or pick your home store, you'll need to create an account.

Q: Can I login with my myBigY Account Information?
A: No, due to HIPPA privacy regulations, a separate account is required.

Q: What operating systems are supported?
A: As of August 2018: For Android, version 4.4 (KitKat) and newer is supported. For iOS, version 10.9 and newer is supported.

Q: What is a Home Store?
A: This is the Big Y Pharmacy where you get most of your prescriptions.

Q: How is my personal information kept private?
A: View our privacy policy here: https://www.bigy.com/Services/Policies/PrivacyPolicy

Q: How do I refill a prescription online?
A: Simply go to the Big Y Pharmacy links, then click on "Prescriptions" and Choose our Online Prescription Service. The system will tell you whether or not your prescriptions can be filled and when they can be ready for pick-up, or can even let you request to fill them at another Big Y Pharmacy!

Q: Who do I contact if I have problems?
A: Contact your Big Y Pharmacy representative at a store near you or Contact Us here