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Gluten-Free Shopping

Ease your grocery shopping by:

  • Making use of Big Y's Gluten-Free shelf tags when shopping - COMING SOON!
  • Visiting the gluten-free sections available in all of our World Class Markets.
  • Attending a FREE nutrition store tour with a registered dietitian.

Gluten Free Logo

Big Y Gluten-Free Shelf Tags - COMING SOON!

Keep your eye out for our gluten-free tags! They flag gluten-free foods throughout our stores. Specific brands highlighted as gluten free are done so on the basis of their classification as gluten free by the manufacturer's claim.

Our database is updated monthly with adjustments throughout the year. Although this is so, we do recommend consumers read labels to verify that manufacturers have not changed their ingredient listings or claims since the database was updated. And always read product labels to verify that tags are not accidentally misplaced on the shelf.

Basket of Groceries

Big Y Gluten-Free Sections

Our Big Y World Class Markets have special Gluten-Free Sections, Gluten-Free Frozen Food Displays and many gluten-free items throughout our store. Plus, we now have expanded Living Well Eating Smart Natural & Organic Sections with even more gluten-free product offerings. Click here for a listing of those store locations.