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Explore Our Virtual Nutrition Offerings

At Big Y, we want to give you the tools to live the life you deserve with our FREE virtual nutrition services. Whether you’re newly diagnosed with diabetes; are looking for a fun and interactive cook-a-long for your little ones or want more information on a Mediterranean-style meal plan, we have you covered.

These virtual presentations, store tours and support groups are for educational purposes only. They are not meant to replace your health care practitioner's advice, specific dietary requirements you may have or public health recommendations.

Virtual Nutrition Events

Each month, we offer a wide variety of educational presentations, cook-a-longs, support groups and virtual store tours. Click on our events below to learn more and schedule one of our dietitian-led sessions.

Click here to download the October Virtual Nutrition Events Schedule.

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Nutrition Discovery Sessions

Have a nutrition question? Schedule a free 15-minute virtual conversation, by phone or video chat, with one of our consulting registered dietitian nutritionists during their available office hours. These nutrition experts will provide science-based guidance and suggestions you can trust!

Kathy Jordan, MS, RDN, CPT

Eastern MA Consulting Dietitian
(413) 504-4199

To schedule with Kathy, click here.

Sue Mazrolle, MS, RDN

Western MA Consulting Dietitian
(413) 504-4197

To schedule with Sue, click here.

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