Steam/Microwaved Mussels Seafood Supper Club

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Serving: 4 appetizer-sized servings; 2 smaller meal servings

Chef Andrew uses the KISS Method- Keep It Simple Seafood.

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1. Wash hands with soap and water.
2. Check mussels to verify if any are broken or open: Discard any broken shells; Squeeze opened shells shut. If shells do not stay closed, discard. Wash hands, again, with soap and running water after handling mussels.
3. Add mussels to a large, microwavable bowl.
4. Cover tightly with plastic wrap.
5. Microwave for 4 minutes at full power.
6. Remove bowl from microwave and allow to sit, covered, at room temperature.
7. Add butter to small microwavable bowl and microwave for 20 seconds, just to melt.
8. Poke a small hole in the plastic wrap near the edge of the bowl. Drain a small amount of mussel broth into the butter bowl.
9. Remove plastic wrap from bowl & serve with butter dipping sauce. Note: Adding toasted, crusty bread is a delicious way to soak up the natural flavors found in the mussel broth.
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