Saucy Turkey Meatloaf

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Serving: 8
Prep Time: 20 Minutes
Cooking Time: Cook 1 Hour 10 Minutes

October 2022 Dig In Recipe

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1. Wash hands with soap and water.

2. Rinse all fresh produce items under cold running water prior to prepping.

3. Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

4. In a large bowl, combine ground turkey, eggs, breadcrumbs, Italian seasoning, pepper, parsley, garlic, onion, ketchup, Worcestershire and cheese; mix well. Wash hands after handling raw turkey and eggs.

6. Gradually add milk. If mixture seems too moist, add additional breadcrumbs until it is a consistency that will form a loaf without flattening.

7. Place mixture in an 8x4-inch loaf pan coated with cooking spray. Wash hands after handling raw meat. Bake until internal temperature reaches 160 degrees Fahrenheit as verified with an instant-read food thermometer, or about 1 hour.

8. Top with tomato sauce and cook for 10 minutes.


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Nutrition Facts

Nutrition Information Per Serving
Calories 330
Total Fat 13 g
Saturated Fat 4 g
Cholesterol 95 mg
Sodium 690 mg
Carbohydrates 24 g
Fiber 1 g
Sugars 7 g
Protein 28 g