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 Stay Informed: Seasonal Flu, COVID-19, and You!

There has been a lot of talk about COVID-19 vaccines this year, but let’s not forget about the flu vaccine!

Help keep you and your family healthy this flu season by getting your flu vaccine at your local Big Y Pharmacy and Wellness Center.   Getting vaccinated will not just protect you, but also help your community stay healthy and lessen the burden on the health care system. 

Circulating Influenza viruses change year to year, so it is important to get your flu vaccine annually.  Flu shots are free under most insurance plans, and can be given at the same time as most other vaccines, including COVID-19 vaccines.  

This year, our Big Y pharmacies will be offering flu vaccine to customers age 5 and up, making it convenient for your entire family to get protected from the flu. 

Reach out to your local pharmacy today for more information.  Save time by filling out your Vaccine Informed Consent Form  before arriving.

Use our chart below to compare symptoms of COVID-19 with that of the flu.  Many symptoms overlap and you should reach out to your health care provider if you develop symptoms.


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Flu Shot Side Effects

Seasonal flu vaccines have a very good safety track record.

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Flu Symptoms

All types of flu have similar symptoms.

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Flu Shot FAQ

Answers to frequently asked question about the Flu Shot

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Flu Relief

Ease flu symptoms and help you feel better faster.