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Digital Coupons

Load the digital coupons you want on to your Big Y Membership with just a click, online or on your phone!

How to Use Digital Coupons

  • Log in or Create your myBigY account on bigy.com or on our myBigY App
    • NOTE: Your last name and your Membership or phone number are required to set up an account.
  • To find Digital Coupons, refer to the myCoupons tab on bigy.com and the myBigY App.
  • Click the LOAD button on the Coupon you'd like to load to your Membership. Once the discount has been added, the text will change to LOADED, symbolizing that this discount is ready to be redeemed at checkout.
  • Coupons are applied at checkout with your Membership and the purchase of applicable items.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I find digital manufacturer and Big Y brands coupons?
Log In to myBigY and look for your name at the top. Click 'myBig Y Membership' next to your name to open the dashboard menu.

Look for "myCoupons" row and you'll see the number of digital coupons AVAILABLE and LOADED on your card.
From the website menus, select 'myCoupons' in the SHOP pull down menu.

Click on what you'd like to view and your digital coupons will be displayed.

Click the LOAD button on the Coupon you'd like to load to your Membership. This will load the digital coupon to your Membership.
Please note: digital coupon items added to your shopping list from the circular will not load coupons to your card.

Once the coupon is used or expired, it will be removed from your loaded coupons.

How do I find digital coupons on the BigY App?
Log In to myBigY, and refer to the myCoupons tab. Alternatively, select 'More' in the bottom-right corner of your device's screen, then select 'myCoupons'.

How do I print my digital coupon list?
Send your list to your email and print from there. You can also print directly on the list now!

Where can I get the phone apps?

Apps are available at the Android and iPhone app stores:

GooglePlay LogoApple Store Logo

Are digital coupons available on tablets?

The myBigY App is designed to be compatible with tablets.

Will all digital coupons be loaded to my card?

Only coupons you click will be added to your card.
Please note: You cannot load items from the circular at this time.

Where can I see the digital coupons that are loaded to my Big Y Membership?

On bigy.com and the myBigY App, click on 'myBigY Membership' located at the top of the page next to your name. Click the 'Loaded to myAccount' option to view all of your active loaded discounts.

How many of each coupon can I use?

Digital coupons have a limit of one per item per card and do not double. View the Big Y coupon policy.

What is your Coupon Policy For Manufacturers', Internet & Digital Coupons?
View the Big Y coupon policy.

How will the redeemed coupons display on my receipt?

This section in the receipt contains items with the digital coupon items listed with the price after the coupon discount has been applied.

Total digital coupon savings are displayed on the bottom of your receipt.