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Growing Something Special

Our Floral Department is passionate about giving customers the freshest bouquets and arrangements. Whether for a dinner party or your own little pick‍-‍me‍-‍up, flowers can make the moment. Join Deb, the Assistant Floral Manager in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, as she shares her insights from over 34 years with Big Y.

Deb T.
Assistant Floral Manager
Great Barrington, MA

What is your favorite part about being a Big Y florist?

I can honestly say I would not choose to be a part of any other floral business. I enjoy it so much and feel it is a true extension of who I really am inside.

Over the last 34 years, I have watched the Big Y Floral Department grow leaps & bounds with our selections and quality. As we hear feedback from our customers, suggestions are welcomed by the Store Support Center’s buying team to bring our customers what they desire.

When is the best time to start indoor seeds for planting outside?

6‍-‍8 weeks before the last frost in your area.

How important is soil quality?

Top of the list! The better quality soil, the more productive and healthy your plants, flowers and shrubs will be. We all need vitamins!

What is your best tip for controlling weeds in your garden?

Plant lots of items. They all grow and cascade together, choking out the weeds, you won’t even need mulch!

Here is a recipe for a natural weed killer:

Mix white vinegar, Epsom salts & drops of Dawn® dishwashing liquid soap. Take care though, if it touches your plants’ leaves, it will damage them.

How do you keep cut flowers fresh?

Keep the water fresh and keep them out of direct sunlight. Warmer temps will reduce longevity.

What sort of flowers do you recommend for table centerpieces at a party?

As table centerpieces for a party aren’t meant to be long‍-‍lasting, you can really choose from any flower. If the customer does want something more long‍-‍lasting, I recommend any type of mums, alstroemeria, asters, stock, carnations, sunflowers or Asiatic lilies.

Where is your favorite place to put flowers in the home?

Kitchen counter and where I sit at night to relax!

How do you entice new customers to visit your department?

I try to make my floral displays look too irresistible to walk by without browsing! Showing off the skills we have as floral specialists is important so our customers know we can bring their vision to life!

Share a fun fact about yourself outside of work!

I was fortunate enough growing up to be an equestrian for 14 years. My love of all things in nature probably comes from riding through the woods & fields. I was always observing nature at its finest through all four seasons sitting on top of the world and riding my horse!

Unique Ideas for
Creating a Tiny Garden

Small space gardening is big right now.

Maybe you want to cultivate a few tomato plants, like having fresh herbs on hand or have a flair for sprucing up your space with flowers. It can be traditional, locally inspired or just plain wacky—your garden is all about you. So, wherever your green thumb points you, here is a bushel of visual inspiration to get your wheels turning.

The classic. Upcycle jars into windowsill herb containers.

Found objects like old mailboxes make great planters.

Aquarium ornaments make for a whimsical planting.

Anything can be a planter with a little imagination.

Vertical gardens are space-savers. Pallets lend a fun loft look.

Reimagining shapes is always clever—like this reuse of an old barrel.

Found objects can accessorize your perfect patio escape.

Planters can be funky AND functional. These tires are used to divide a space.

Rocks make great plant tags. Try having the kids pick out the rocks and hand paint them.

Backyard gardens look great and can provide a haven for our feathered friends.

Spring Training:
Growing Your Own

Ready to test your own green thumb?
Check out more information to get started.