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The Ice Cream Connection

If these past few months had taught us anything, it’s that, no matter how tough the situation we face might be, we still need to keep in touch with one another (and let’s be honest, ice cream also helps). We ache for that sweet human connection, and this new interpretation of the ice cream social is here to help us stay in touch and put a smile on everyone’s face.

So, when you think of the traditional ice cream social, you should still do the same things. Pick your ice cream flavors, toppings and décor. But instead of having guests at your house, hang out with them virtually. It’s as fun as having people around, with way fewer spills and messes. And your party can be as big as you want it to be, as you can connect with family or friends that live in other cities, states or countries.

Now what? We’ll show you how to sprinkle some love and virtually host the biggest ice cream social party ever.


Make It The Best Party Ever

Here’s the scoop—hosting a virtual ice cream social should be effortless. Follow these simple steps below and make your sweet dreams come true.


Choose Your Flavors

You can’t go wrong with strawberry, old-fashioned vanilla or even chocolate. But have you thought of mixing it up a bit? The flavor possibilities are endless. Having a few varieties on hand is the start to a sweet social,


Gather Your Friends

There are apps out there that let you host as many people as you like. Make sure you send a private link to your friends and family with all the details, like the ice cream flavors, topping and decor so everyone has what they need beforehand.


Serve It Up Right

Do you have enough bowls and spoons for your immediate family or friends with you? We have some at our stores that will do the trip.


Take it to the Next Level

If you want to sweeten the pot and top your ice cream social with great ideas, try this homemade ice cream cone recipe and homemade toppings.




Let the good
times roll.

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There's no wrong
way to sundae.

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Store It the Right Way

Whether you are looking for ways to maintain food freshness in the fridge or ensure your pantry staples reach their maximum shelf life, proper storage is key. Here are a few tips and tricks to ensure the food you bring home lasts and tastes its best.


To Fridge Or Not To Fridge

Think of your fridge as a high-tech work of art that can preserve the properties of your food. But how and where to store your essentials are the real questions, and we have the answers.


To Fridge
Grapes, bell peppers, citrus and berries


Not to Fridge
Non-cherry stone fruits, tomatoes, mangoes, apples, melons and avocados


Remove Moisture
Dry off veggies and store with a layer of pepper towels ot absorb excess moisture, in the refrigerator’s crisper drawer.


Never Mix
Fruits and veggies don’t go together—keep separated to avoid over-ripening and spoilage.


3 Days
That’s how long your raw meats can last in your fridge at 34°F (1.1°C). Poultry and seafood are good for 2.


A Smart Pantry

An essential part of any kitchen is the pantry. Wne well-stocked, our favorite dry goods, coupled with fresh meats, fish, fruits, vegetables and dairy products, can help create delicious dishes in a pinch. Here are some of our favorite pantry go-to’s to keep on hand.


The Basics
Beans, tuan, pasta, marinara sauce, cream of mushroom soup, rice, extra-virgin olive oil


Superb Spices
Black peppercorns, kosher salt, cayenne pepper, chili powder, garlic powder, onion powder, cumin, ground cinnamon, ground cloves, ground nutmeg


Baking Essentials
Baking powder, baking soda brown sugar, pure vanilla extract, chocolate chips, nuts, all-purpose flour, cake flour, cornstarch, breadcrumbs, broths


The Best Bites
Peanut butter, crackers, popcorn, granola bars, pretzels, whole almonds