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Make Father’s Day Fun with Dad

When we need a good laugh, we can absolutely count on Dads. They have the superpower to empower us to become the best version of ourselves. And for that, we are eternally grateful. Let’s take some time and plan some Dad-tivities to celebrate their day the best way possible.

Backyard Theater Fun.

Nothing will excite Dad more than catching his favorite film in the comfort of his own backyard. Drape a sheet over the fence, get the popcorn ready and let the show begin.


Plan A Picnic.

With the weather as good as it gets, nothing beats spending some time out in the sun, enjoying a picnic with Dad. Make sure to have his favorite sandwich and beverage on hand. And, of course, be ready to play his favorite game.


Fire Up The Grill.

Do you know the smell that emanates from a burger patty over charcoal? Oh yeah. That’s the smell of smoky-good times with Dad on his day. Grab his favorite cut and get on grilling.


Blaze The Trail Together.

Get your hiking boots on and take the trailblazer out for a hike to explore the great outdoors. Surprise Dad with the gift of nature in the form of terrific trails, beach walks and stunning views.


Enjoy Some Brewhaha.

Show Dad how much you appreciate all he does with a case (or two) of beer. Pick up his favorite and, if you need some ideas, check out Table & Vine’s Summer Sippers.


Practice, Practice, Practice.

It is true: practice makes perfect. So how about spending time with Dad chipping in the backyard with wiffle ball golf balls?


Get The Work Out Of Yard Work.

Dad deserves a break on Father’s Day. How about waking up early and doing the yard work for him?

Burgers to Blow His Mind

Here’s a thought for Father’s Day. How about we give Dad a break from the grill and make him something special? Treat him like the king of the castle with a trio of burgers that are easy to make and are packed with amazing flavor. Take a look, make your list and enjoy. Easy peasy.



Savory beef

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A treasure chest
of deliciousness.

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Succulent and
loaded with flavor.

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Reviewed 6/01/2023