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Boil on a Budget

Seafood boils are succulent and fun, and the cleanup is a breeze. Making them requires relatively simple ingredients, such as potatoes, sausage links, a variety of shellfish, large pots of boiling water (hence the name) and your loved ones. Now, there are many ways to skin the seafood boil. It depends on what protein and ingredients you put in it. This one is made with mussels, shrimp and sausage. Don’t have a big family? It doesn’t matter: just reduce the recipe by half and voilà. Caught your interest? Thought so.

Big Y Seafood Sustainability

At Big Y, we’re committed to obtaining seafood from a source that can maintain or increase its production without compromising the ecosystem. Our Big Y Wild Caught Shrimp is among the many offerings we have that positively impact the world we live in. See more here.



An impressive
meal in one pot.

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