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We love to support our Local Partners and help them thrive in our stores AND in our community! This got us thinking... A lot of local businesses have a great story to tell our customers, and we decided to help them tell it!

Our Living Well Eating Smart Wellness Team of Registered Dietitians, Carrie Taylor and Andrea Luttrell, along with our Product Buyers, are hitting the road to visit some of our amazing local partners. Join them as they experience first-hand what goes into making some of our favorite products. From learning how a beekeeper gets his honey, to harvesting cranberries in a cranberry bog, our dietitian team is learning a lot when they dive behind-the-scenes...and so can you! Tag along with them on their #BigYLocalLove adventures below!

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This Week's Featured Big Y Local Love™ Video

Mountain Dairy - Mansfield, MA

Join us as we visit Mountain Dairy in Mansfield, CT to learn all about dairy cows and what it takes to get this local partner's fresh milk to our stores!

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SoCo Creamery - Great Barrington, MA

What goes into making the perfect scoop of ice cream? Carrie and Andrea learn at this Berkshire County favorite local ice cream shop!

Billy C's Honey - Southwick, MA

Bill Crawford teach Carrie, Andrea and Big Y Honey Buyer, Dave Placzek, what makes local honey local and how it gets to market...You will "bee" amazed!

Cape Cod Select Cranberries - Carver, MA

Ever want to stand in a cranberry bog? You're in good company! Join Carrie and Andrea as they learn about harvesting cranberries and how going frozen took this local partner to the next level!

Bigelow Tea - Fairfield, CT

A family-owned business with a great story to tell! Learn how "Constant Comment" became the tea of the times and lead the way for specialty tea across America. Will Carrie, Andrea and Big Y Tea Buyer, Joe Kulinski, learn the secret recipe?

Our Family Garden - Russell, MA

Watch Big Y Registered Dietitians, Carrie and Andrea, and Big Y Applesauce Buyer, Joe, get hands on and learn why Our Family Garden Applesauce uses the ENTIRE apple to make their delicious applesauce!

Blue Heron Farm - Charlemont, MA

Learn how sap water from sugar trees makes it's way down the hill and is made into delicious Maple Syrup at Blue Heron Farm in Charlemont, MA!

Aleia's Gluten-Free Foods - Branford, CT

Learn how our local partner, Aleia's Gluten Free Foods in Branford, CT, make their products gluten-free and flavor-full! Plus who will win the peanut butter cookie "forking" contest?

Plainville Farm - Hadley, MA

Butternut squash, grown in the summer by our local partner Plainville Farm in Hadley, MA, can still be shipped to Big Y stores all winter long. How? Watch and find out!

Taza Chocolate - Somerville, MA

What gives local partner, Taza Chocolate, that bold, intense flavor that customers love? Big Y Registered Dietitians Carrie and Andrea, and Big Y Candy Buyer Mike find out when they visit this local partner in Somerville, MA.

Kringle Candle - Bernardston, MA

Our local partner, Kringle Candle, can produce up to 12,000 jars of candles per day! Find out how that is possible with Big Y Registered Dietitians, Carrie and Andrea, and Big Y Candle Buyer Scott!