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Smart Shopping When Eating on a Budget

It’s possible to eat delicious, fresh meals every week while staying on a budget. Follow these simple tips on your next shopping trip to begin saving:

  • Shop your Big Y sales flyer. Plan balanced meals around items that are on sale that week. Pair with manufacturer coupons when possible. Sign up for a myBigY Digital Account to access even more exclusive coupons and offers.
  • Plan meals in advance. Make a list and shop for only what you need. Simple meal planning saves time and stress when preparing meals.
  • Avoid shopping when hungry to avoid impulse purchases that aren’t on your list.
  • Choose store brand. With the same quality and taste, the only difference is the price!
  • Utilize leftovers to reduce waste, since wasted food equals wasted money. Pack the extra serving from dinner for lunch or repurpose dishes like rice or cut vegetables in other meals.
  • When it comes to produce, include all forms. Shop for fresh, in-season produce and also find great prices on canned and frozen options.
  • Buy in bulk (when it makes sense). Utilize bulk bins for nuts, seeds and grains while stocking up on meat or other commodities when they’re on sale. Simply be mindful of expiration dates.

Making a wise investment in nutritious food can help reduce your risk of chronic conditions like heart disease, diabetes and obesity. Think how much money you may save in the future by staying healthy and out of your doctor’s office!