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Frequently Asked Questions - Education Express - Free Points Friday

What is Education Express Free Points Friday?
Big Y’s Education Express program is a way for our customers to help our local schools earn free school supplies and equipment. Every month a specific Friday is chosen as Free Points Friday. On the Big Y Facebook page, on that Friday, an activity will be posted. Once you complete the activity and follow all instructions, you will be entered for a chance to win 10,000 Education Express points for your school. 

How do I earn points?
Complete the activity for the corresponding Free Points Friday within the valid dates and you are automatically entered to win. Only the winner of the Free Points Friday activity will win the
10,000 Education Express points each month.

How do I participate?
Visit the Big Y Facebook page on the Free Point Friday date to learn what the activity is and the requirements to enter. Requirements must be complete to be eligible. 

How is the winner chosen?
Winners are chosen at random on the Monday following the Free Points Friday Facebook post. If the selected winner is not a myBigY member they have 30 days to sign up and select a school before their points will be forfeited.

When does the contest end?
Each Free Point Friday submission period runs through the Sunday following the date each Free Point Friday begins. For example the January Free Point Friday runs on January 26, so submissions can be entered until Jan. 28, 2018 at 11:59 pm. The last Free Point Friday runs on December 21, 2018 with a submission deadline of December 23, 2018 at 11:59 pm.

Does this contest count toward earning a Gold Coin for every 500 Education Express points?
No, they do not. This is an additional promotion for your school to earn 10,000 points and is not tied in with the purchase of items that earn you gold coins.

What is the prize and how does my school get it?
The prize for each Free Point Friday is 10,000 points. These points will be given to the school that is associated with the winning cardholders account. The winner will not see these points reflected in their myBigY account. The points will go directly to the school associated with the winner’s account.

Are employees eligible?
Employees are not eligible for Free Points Friday. However, employees are eligible to earn Education Express points and gold coins on their regular shopping trips.

Where will the winners be posted?
Winners names will be posted on the Big Y Facebook page and at https://www.bigy.com/Magazine

Do I have to make a purchase?
There is no purchase required.

Do I have to have a myBigY account?
Yes, a myBigY account is required. In order to sign up for Education Express you must have a valid myBigY account, therefore in order to participate in Free Points Friday that same myBigY account is required.

Can I choose a different school than the one on my account to receive the points?
No. The school that is associated with the winner’s myBigY account is the school that will receive the points.

Where can I find the Free Points Friday dates?
Each Free Point Friday date is listed in our 2018 Science Fare calendar in the corresponding month. You can pick up a copy of this calendar in-store or see it online at https://www.bigy.com/Magazine.

For a full list of rules, please visit https://www.bigy.com/EducationExpress/FreePointsFriday/Rules.