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Have you ever been interested in trying wines from around the world but don't want to travel to do it? Or, how about ice-cold craft brews, handcrafted artisan cheese and other delectable goodies? We guarantee you'll discover something new to cheer about!

Table & Vine Flagship Store

1119 Riverdale Street, Route 5, West Springfield MA, (413) 736-4694

Hours of Operation:
Mon - Thurs: 9:00am-9:00pm; Fri & Sat: 9:00am-10:00pm; Sun: 10:00am-6:00pm

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Michael Quinlan - Fine Wine Sales Manager - Table & Vine Flagship

Michael's career at Big Y began in 1996 when he was hired as a part-time wine associate at Big Y Wines in Northampton. He's held many position at Table & Vine over the years and most recently became the corporate wine sales manager.Michael Q, Table & Vine Flagship

Michael has traveled to many vineyards around the country, including California, Oregon, Washington, New York and New England. His international travels include Chile, Argentina, Italy, Germany, Austria, Portugal and Canada's Ontario region. He's also traveled extensively in France and Spain and has visited every major wine region in those countries. He also attends countless trade events, wine fairs and wine tastings. Because of his tireless pursuit of knowledge and excellence, Michael personally tastes over 5,000 each year. His ability to identify up-and-coming wine regions, excellent wine values and his knowledge of the wine industry has made Table & Vine a unique destination for wine connoisseurs' nation-wide.

Michael loves to share his travel experiences with the staff at Table & Vine. It's common to find him popping open a new discovery or an older favorite as a way to educate the staff. Michael can honestly boast that the wine staff at Table & Vine is second to none.

Wine Experts

OUR WINE EXPERTS can assist you with meal pairing advice, party planning or the perfect bottle for your toast, table or gift.


Offering Wine, Beer & Spirits

Inside our Greenfield Big Y World Class Market at
237 Mohawk Trail Route 2, Greenfield, MA, (413) 772-0435

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Saturday from 8AM - 11PM; Sundays from 10AM - 10PMDamian, North Quincy

I joined the Big Y team in 1997 and became the Table & Vine Specialist in 2014. I enjoy learning about wines and sharing my knowledge with our customers, helping them make more informed decisions about their purchases. Nothing makes me happier than seeing a customer come back with a smile and telling me how much they enjoyed a wine I recommended for them. I love discovering unique new sour beers but you will also find me sipping a bold Cabernet or a single malt scotch. Simply ask for STEVE, Your Table & Vine Specialist


Offering Wine, Beer and Spirits

Inside our Northampton Big Y World Class Market at
136 North King Street Route 5, Northampton, MA, (413) 584-6137

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Saturday from 8AM - 10PM; Sundays from 10AM - 10PMCarrie, Northamtpon

In 2014, I began my career as the Table & Vine specialist in the newly added Table & Vine at the Wilbraham Big Y. In 2017, I became the Table & Vine specialist in the Northampton Big Y. My favorite wines include Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc. I particular enjoy light beer and flavored Vodka, mixed with seltzer. What I love most about my job is helping customers choose the right beverage for their taste. I also love building displays and being part of such a great team. Simply ask for CARRIE, Your Table & Vine Specialist


Offering Wine, Beer and Spirits

Inside our Holden Big Y World Class Market at
160 Resevoir St, Holden, MA, (508) 829-9614

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Saturday from 8AM - 9PM; Sundays from 10AM - 9PMDJ, Holden

I started my career with Table & Vine in Holden in March of 2016 as Big Y was opening Table & Vine. I acquired an interest in wine while touring vineyards on both U.S. coasts. I enjoy all varieties of wine, especially when paired with great food. Likewise, I enjoy touring breweries and distilleries. My favorite beers include craft beers and my favorite spirits are tequila, single malt scotches and a variety of seasonal liqueurs. Simply ask for DJ, Your Table & Vine Specialist


Offering Wine and Beer

Inside our Franklin Big Y World Class Market at
348 East Central St., Franklin, MA, (508) 553-8705

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Saturday from 8AM - 10PM; Sundays from 10AM - 10PMDamian, North Quincy

My Big Y career began in 2015 when Table & Vine opened their newest location inside the Franklin Big Y World Class Market. Prior to joining Table & Vine, I worked for a number of country club as beverage manager and wine host. And, prior to that, I was bartender and front of house assistant manager for a number of restaurants in Saratoga, New York where my wine enthusiasm really began. I’m also a Navy Veteran serving six years in the USN. I love craft beer, particularly IPA’s and German style. I really enjoy red Bordeaux from Saint Emillion and Rioja’s from Spain. I love talking to customers and finding out what everyone likes to drink. I especially enjoy assisting them with broadening their taste horizon and discovering new food and wine pairings. Simply ask for TODD, Your Table & Vine Specialist


Offering Wine, Beer and Spirits

Inside our Wilbraham Big Y World Class Market at
2035 Boston Road, Wilbraham, MA, (413) 543-0931

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Saturday from 8AM - 10PM; Sundays from 10AM - 10PMDamian, North Quincy

My Table & Vine career began in 2015. My favorite wines include Chianti, Zinfandel and Cabernet and my spirit of choice is Bourbon Whiskeys. My favorite part of my job is assisting customers with pairing just the right wine for their dinner. I love when they come back and tell me the wine we chose was outstanding. Simply ask for DAMIEN, Your Table & Vine Specialist