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Scholarship Program FAQ

Email: Scholarship@bigy.com
Phone: (413) 504-4080
Apply: www.bigy.com (Scholarship page)

Scholarship Season Time line

  • The online application is available from November 1st – February 1st.
  • Recipient and non-recipient notifications are emailed in early April.  (Note: You may need to check your SPAM folder)
  • Recipient(s) names are posted on our website in early May.

Who Is Eligible

Big Y Scholarships are open to employees and their dependents, and customers and their dependents.  To be eligible, a student’s permanent residence or school must be located in Massachusetts or Connecticut. (All employees are eligible regardless of residence).   

How to Apply

  • To apply, Please visit our scholarship page on our official website at www.bigy.com and click the application link and to review the most up to date information.
  • We only accept Big Y scholarship online application submissions. We no longer accept paper applications. 

Please Note: You may find prior year paper applications on the internet and on 3rd party sites. These are not valid and will not be accepted

  • Incomplete online application or submission made passed the February 1st deadline will not be considered and there are no extensions.

Supporting Documents

  • Academic Transcripts do not need to be official (photocopy and print-outs will be accepted).
  • Two Letters of Recommendations are required. Only one must be from a teacher or a college professor. High school Seniors and College Freshman can submit copies of letters written for college entrance.
  • Recommendations letters can be uploaded by a 3rd party (Example: school personnel). Please follow the instructions on the online application system.  To request recommendations letters from your teacher, college/university professor, etc.
  • If you did not take any College Board exams such as SAT or ACT, or it’s has been more than 3 years since you took them, you can submit online application without them.
  • Personal resume/fact sheet detailing activities, achievements, awards, community involvement, leadership positions and class rank (if applicable)
  • Prior Big Y scholarship award recipients are not eligible to reapply.

High School, College, University Representatives:

  • Annually, Scholarship packets (poster and letter) are mailed to schools within Massachusetts and Connecticut in early Fall.

Please note: Please email, scholarship@bigy.com to request your school be put on our mailing list or removed from the mailing list

  • If you receive an email request from a student, you will be provided a link to upload the recommendation letter. The student will not see the letter.   It can only be viewed by the scholarship committee. 
  • Academic Transcripts:  We will accept unofficial transcripts.