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Also Included - A Tour of Your Big Y A Behind-the-Scenes View

  • Get to know a lobster
  • Decorate your own cupcake
  • Watch as your pizza is being prepared
  • Venture into the FREEZER...brrr
  • Scan groceries at the registers
  • Visit the deli–try some cheese and learn something new about cheese
  • Check out all the different fruits and vegetables on your Produce tour. Learn how they grow and where they come from.
  • Watch as hamburger is being made
  • See where all the products are delivered to Big Y (the backroom)
  • Plant a seed– take it home and watch it grow (seasonal)

After Your Tour of Big Y You're Ready to Eat!
It's Time to Head Over to the Food Court for Pizza* & Cupcakes!

Parent must be present throughout the tour and the party. Party limit 2 hours

To Schedule Your Child’s Next Party, Please Visit the Customer Service Desk
and Our Employee Services Representative Will Be Happy to Assist You!

*Substitute of Chicken Tenders and Fries in Stores Where Pizza Is Not Available.

Birthday Parties Not Available in All Stores